Dining in Copenhagen

Dining in Copenhagen
Wherever you travel in the world, you will need to eat. While you can always head to the same fast-food restaurants that you enjoy in the US, why not treat yourself to something special? Eating out in Copenhagen, Denmark lets you explore the food of the region and try new foods that you don’t have at home.

Casual and fast

Harry's Place started serving hot dogs in the 1960s, and the tastes and flavors of those dogs keep people coming back. This tiny restaurant has a large hot dog on the menu that it named after a visitor who ate three of those dogs in one sitting and it also has its own jewelry shop that sells hot dog jewelry and other souvenirs. However, locals chose the hot dog shop Døp as its favorite hot dog stand in the city and you'll understand why after one visit. These dogs have a slight crunch when you dig in and the flavor cannot be found in America.

Classy and elegant

Denmark lets you sample some of the best food in the world. Classy and elegant restaurants like Kiin Kiin serve fantastic food and deliver an experience that you'll want to share with others. Kiin Kiin is an upscale Asian restaurant that has received a Michelin star for its dishes. Though the menu is limited to just seven choices, the chef prepares fresh food that will make you want to dance in your seat and you can pair those dishes with a selection of wines. Another option is Noma, which won an award as the world’s best restaurant 2 years straight. Michelin awarded the restaurant two stars, making it one of the top restaurants in the city, if not the world. Make sure that you call before you leave for your trip since the restaurant has a wait list.


If you're a vegetarian, you'll find that Copenhagen restaurants are more than accommodating. One of the top spots in the city is 42°Raw. The restaurant specializes in organic food that comes to you raw. Why wait hours for a great dish when you can get something delicious and simple here? The restaurant also has a wide selection of smoothies made from local produce. Govindas not only offers delicious vegetarian dishes - most of the dishes are budget-friendly too. Choose from hot and cold dishes that give you a taste of Denmark affordably.

Grab a cup

After a day of running around the city, sometimes you just want a cup of coffee and something sweet. At Lyst Café, you can grab a cup and dunk freshly made cinnamon rolls right in your steaming mug. The kitschy restaurant makes its own pastries and sweet dishes that hit the spot in the morning or at night. When eating in Copenhagen, check out Meyers too. For just a few dollars, you can grab a loaf of fresh sourdough bread or a pastry. With so many different restaurants, this city will have you licking your lips throughout your visit.

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