Traveling with animals

When traveling with SAS, you can bring your pet with you. Depending on the animals' breed, size, weight, and age they can travel in the cabin, in the cargo hold or be shipped as cargo.

General information

  • To travel with your animal, you'll need a confirmation from us in advance.

  • Make a request as soon as possible, and no later than 24 hours before departure. The earlier you make a request – the better the chances to secure space for your pet.

  • All requested animals needs to be confirmed before departure, only a limited number of animals are allowed on each flight.

Regulations vary by country

Before your trip make sure your animal has all the necessary documents for air travel, including vaccination documents. Regulations regarding transporting pets and the required documents, vaccinations and quarantine times vary by country. We recommend that you check with the embassies of your departure-, transit- and destination countries in plenty of time and before booking your flight.

You can find legal information about travelling with animals within the EU in Regulation EU) No 576/2013.

When traveling to or via certain countries, you can only ship pets as cargo, meaning that your pet is not traveling with you. Such countries are, for example, Great Britain, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates and Australia.

Small pets In the cabin

Small cats and dogs are welcome in the cabin, other pets/animals must travel in the cargo hold.

  • Each traveler can bring one pet container/carrier, holding up to two cats or dogs.

  • The pet must fit in in its own small pet container/carrier that fits under the seat in front of you.

  • The pet must remain inside the container/carrier which must remain closed during entire flight.

  • Dogs and cats are not permitted to travel in the same pet container/carrier.

  • The pet and the container are considered as your carry-on baggage and you cannot bring any additional carry-on baggage, you will be charged a pet transporting fee.

  • Pets or animals are not permitted in SAS Business and on charter flights with SAS.

Service dogs or other service animals, such as rescue dogs, always travel for free in the cabin, when on active duty.

Transport bags

We only accept bags and pet containers/carriers specifically designed for the transport of pets. We recommend using a Sherpa Bag model small or similar, which is a soft type bag approved for dogs and cats made of flexible materials (available at most pet stores).

  • Has to be made of a well ventilated strong, leakage and bite proof material.

  • Must be large enough for the pet to stand up, lie down and turn comfortably in.

  • If you don’t fulfill these requirements you may not be allowed to bring your pet onboard.

We follow operational regulations and guidelines to keep your animal safe and healthy when traveling in the cabin.

Size and weight limits

  • The maximum dimensions for a container/carrier are 40 x 25 x 23 cm.

  • The maximum weight of a container/carrier, including the animal, is 8 kg.

Pets traveling in the cabin must be able to stand up and turn around inside the carrier (maximum size 40 x 25 x 23 cm). If these requirements are not fulfilled we have the right to deny your pet on board.

Pets traveling in the cargo hold

If your pet doesn't meet the criteria for traveling in the cabin, your pet can travel in the cargo hold instead. You have to provide your own appropriate, animal-friendly containers for animal transportation.

  • Cats and dogs are always accepted for transportation in the hold compartment.

  • Other pets or other kind of animals may be transported only as cargo.

  • Up to three kittens/puppies can be transported together, if they are under six months old and come from the same litter.

  • Please note that the hold cannot be accessed during the flight.

Transport containers/cage

  • Must be large enough for the animal to stand up, lie down and turn around in a natural position when it's in its container. If the carrier does not fulfill these requirements, you may be denied to check-in.

  • Must be equipped with bowls for food and water.

  • Must be leakproof, solid, clean and disinfected.

  • Must be made of fiberglass, metal (not welded or wire mesh), rigid plastic, solid wood or plywood with handles on the sides and a solid floor. Net floors are not accepted.

  • The bottom of the container/carrier must be covered with a layer of newspaper or sawdust – not hay or straw.

We follow operational regulations and guidelines to keep your animal safe and healthy when traveling in our cargo hold. If the container is too small or does not meet the IATA requirements we reserve the right to refuse to transport the pet at check-in.

Size and weight limits

  • The maximum size of the transportation container depends on the aircraft type you are travelling on.

  • The maximum weight may not exceed 150 kg (pet + container).

  • Maximum two adult animals of comparable size up to 14 kg each can be transported in the same container/carrier if they are accustomed to living together.

  • Animals weighing more than 14 kg must travel in separate containers/carriers.

Do you need a pet travel cage?

Trust Forwarding can provide you with affordable travel cages for your dog, cat, or any other pet.

Shipping live animals as cargo

If you are in need to shipping live household pets or other kind of animals, contact Trust Forwarding for more info.

Request to bring your pet

To travel with your pet on our flight, you have to give us a notice and reserve space for your cat/dog within 24 hours of booking your flight ticket by contacting SAS Customer Service.

  • You’ll receive a notification of whether your reservation was accepted or not, within 24 hours before departure. Only a limited number of pets are allowed on each flight.

  • If your reservation is confirmed you'll need to fill out the form "Certificate for transportation of Animals", and bring it to the check-in counter at the airport, except when travelling domestic in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

  • Bringing your pet is not included in your ticket, you'll need to pay a added fee to transport your pet

Pet transporting fees

At SAS, you pay a flat rate per container/carrier and direction including connections. All fees apply one-way travel. The fee applies per bag, and vary according to route and/or destination.

Fee in the cabin

  • DKK 420 to DKK 740,

  • NOK 550 to NOK 990

  • SEK 550 to SEK 990

  • EUR 55 to EUR 99

  • USD 60 to USD 105

Fee in the cargo hold

  • DKK 680 to DKK 2020

  • NOK 950 to NOK 2800

  • SEK 950 to SEK 2800

  • EUR 90 to EUR 270

  • USD 100 to USD 310

Pets and service animals in the lounge

Service animals and pets are welcome in the lounge as long as they remain in their carriers and with their owners at all times.

To ensure the comfort and safety of all of our guests, there are some restrictions you have to follow:

  • The pet must remain inside the carrier and be placed at designated area in the lounge.

  • Animals must be trained to behave properly in public settings and follow the direction of their owners.

  • Animals must be clean and properly groomed.

  • Animals are not allowed to occupy seats in the Lounge.

  • Animals are not allowed to eat or drink from SAS Lounge service ware.

  • Animals may not engage in disruptive behavior such as roaming freely, barking, growling or biting.

  • All animals must remain on the floor when they are near food or beverage display areas.

Pets are not allowed in Lounges in Norway due to local regulations