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Group trips

Group trips

Is your booking for 10 or more travelers? Then you can make a group reservation and get some great flight deals with SAS. With a group reservation, you always get more flexible ticket options compared to traveling individually.


When you book a group trip, you enjoy a lot more than just low fares.

  • Additional payment flexibility compared to individual tickets
  • Always one checked baggage per traveler included in the price
  • Change traveler names and rebook trips easily (dates and departure times)
  • Free name change close to departure (more details will be included in your confirmation)
  • Pre-book seats for the entire group free of charge (if seats are available in designated area)
  • Earn EuroBonus points
  • Upgrade to SAS Plus to a favorable price
  • Travel onwards smoothly on e.g. Wideroe and United Airlines

Prices & Booking

Group fares may differ from individual tickets but gives you more flexibility when you are planning your trip, both in terms of consideration time and name reporting.

Guarantee your group

If you prefer a lower price and less flexibility you can guarantee your group reservation. There is an additional way to save. Receive a discount by comitting to travel within 14-21 days of receiving your quote. If this offer is available for your specific flight, date and time, our Group Sales will include this in the offer.

SAS Youth Group

Now it’s even more fun to travel in a group within Scandinavia and Europe on SAS.

  • If you’re under 26, you can book SAS Youth Group fares and save up to 35% on SAS Group prices if you book early. To book a group, at least one traveler must be 18 or older. If none of the travelers is 18, then the trip must be booked in a parent/guardian’s name or a parent/guardian must provide written consent.
  • 20% of the travelers in your group can be older than 26, so a few adults can also book at the group rate. Example: A group consisting of 10 travelers, can include 8 young passengers and 2 adults. All 10 travelers will obtain the discount.
  • Reserve your seats and sit together.
  • Each person can check in one bag for free.