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Flights to Japan

Japan equals neon lit facades, symmetrical stone gardens and old villages with thatched farmhouses. Book a trip to Japan with SAS and experience a country where technological foresight goes hand in hand with thousand-year-old traditions.

If you travel with SAS you get 24 hours right of revocation on your flight ticket, check-in 22 hours prior to departure and WiFi. 


The flight route Copenhagen-Tokyo is SAS' longest direct route. The trip takes approximately 11 hours. It is therefore an advantage to have your own screen for the inflight entertainment onboard. When you land in Tokyo Narita Airport it is easy and cheap to take the train to Tokyo Station, and from here you can change to metro or train and travel onwards to many other fascinating places in Japan.


If you visit Japan, the capital Tokyo is a must-see. The massive city surpasses every Westerner's wildest fantasy and there is nearly nothing you can not find. Even though the city is gigantic, it has a well-functioning metro system making it easy to visit the many interesting parts of Tokyo. Tokyo is also a great place for shopping and actually compares to both New York and London. Each area in Tokyo has its own big shopping mall with all the biggest international brands, and the areas Ginza, Shinjuku and Shibuya are perfect for extraordinary shopping. Further, the metropolis is home to many old traditions that must be experienced, such as sumo-wrestling and karaoke.


When you are in Japan you should try out “kaiten sushi”; sushi served on conveyor belts from where the guests can take what he or she wants. Apart from that, sashimi and tempura are delicious and typical Japanese dishes that must be tasted. In Japan it is possible to find eateries in all price ranges, from expensive sushi restaurants to 24 hour supermarkets where you can buy surprisingly good food to go. Not rarely you will see a Japanese person picking up a meal from the supermarket to bring to eat in one of the many pretty parks in Tokyo. 


Japan offers many different things, and it is recommended to travel around to fully experience the Japanese culture and standard of living. During your travels in Japan it is especially recommended that you visit the Five Lakes in Fuji, famous for their beauty. There are plenty of opportunities to do water sports at the lakes. Visit the Hiroshima Castle, too, which is as young as 55 years but lives up to all expectations of an old Japanese medieval castle. Lastly, it is a fantastic experience to leave the main country and travel between the Japanese islands. 


Japan has a reputation of being an expensive country to travel in, but that is actually not the case. Yes, Tokyo is one of the more expensive cities in the far east, but compared to Europe the prices on food and transport , for example, are relatively lower. It is also easy to find high quality hotels.  


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