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Flights to Finland

Visit Finland and experience beautiful nature in the town Turku, or visit the cultural Helsinki which offers everything from shopping to museums. 


In Finland you will find clear lakes, lush nature and bright summer nights. If you should choose to visit Finland in summer, you will witness the sun shining north of the Arctic Circle around the clock - without a doubt an experience in itself. Book a flight to Finland already today and visit the Country of The Thousand Lakes in the High North.

If you fly to Finland with SAS you can choose from up to 10 daily departures to Helsinki Airport, located only 19 kilometres from the city centre. 


An authentic Finnish vacation should be held in a cottage by a lake shore. Here, you can enjoy the beautiful Finnish nature exactly the way you prefer.

The possibilities in Finland are endless; you can choose to fish, swim, enjoy a warm sauna, pick berries or mushrooms, hike or go sailing. With a total of 6,500 little breezy lakes in the Åland Archipelago you will find a special environment, favoured by sports fishers especially. Should you prefer culture over nature, the capital of Helsinki is buzzing with life. 


In Finland, also known as the Country of the Thousand Lakes, nature is incredibly beautiful. It is especially recommended to visit Finland's fifth-largest city, Turku, which offers unforgettable natural sights. In Turku you can, amongst others, go on exciting hikes or go canoeing in Finland's nature. 


The capital of Finland is Helsinki (Helsingfors) and offers something for everyone. By visiting the country's capital, you will experience a rich cultural life, shopping, and a number of museums, exhibitions and concerts. If you are fascinated by the Old Finland it is recommended that you take the ferry from Helsinki to the 250-year-old fortress, Suomenlinna/Sveaborg.

Make sure to also visit the markets in Helsinki, where you can find miscellaneous Finnish specialities – everything from Finnish handcraft and furs to Finnish cuisine. 


The Finnish city Tampere (Tammerfors) is particularly known for its beautiful architecture as well as its many cultural offerings. If you visit Tampere in the summer time, you will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy water sports in the port area and also experience the world famous jazz festival, Tampere Jazz Happening, which attracts both an audience as well as world famous jazz musicians.