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London to Berlin

Fly from London to Berlin

Cheap Flight Tickets to Berlin

Price and availability are updated every time a search is performed.

Always included in your flight ticket from London to Berlin: 24-hour money-back guarantee, free seat selection and much more…

We fly from London to Berlin via the capital cities of Scandinavia every day in just a few hours.

Before, during and after the flight we have everything covered. In fact everything listed below is included in your flight ticket when you fly with us:

  •     24-hour return policy 
  •     Online check-in 
  •     Tea, coffee and newspapers in our app 
  •     Child discount up to 90%

Find your flight and check out the prices right away by using the booking enquiry form or download our app – this way you are always able to book your next flight to Berlin directly from your phone or tablet.

Looking for cheap flight tickets from London to Berlin?

See our low fare calendar! This helps you find our cheapest flight tickets from London. The price and availability are updated every time a new search is performed however, price variations may occur when you proceed to booking.

Check out our low fare calendar and find the cheapest flights from London to Berlin!

Up to 12 flight options available daily between London and Berlin

SAS has several flights departing from London Heathrow Airport every day and with a small stop in either Copenhagen, Stockholm or Oslo, we can get you to Berlin in a convenient way to meet your business or leisure needs.

Berlin Tegal Airport is situated about 5 miles North West of Berlin city centre and has several buses and trains - both local and long distance - to help you get to your final destination.

Upgrade your flight ticket and enjoy your wait in the lounge

With a SAS Plus ticket you will automatically get access to our lounge area without any extra charge. In the lounge you can make your wait more pleasant with a tasty buffet, wine, beer or water and of course, free tea and coffee. Furthermore, you can work in peace or have a well deserved nap before your flight.

SAS Plus ticket holders are also provided with food and drinks during the flight.

Read more about our partner lounges in London and Berlin, as well as our own lounges in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo Airports