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Flights to Aarhus

Cheap Flight Tickets to Aarhus

Price and availability are updated every time a search is performed.

Whether you're booking flights to Aarhus for a business trip or to relax with the family in this extraordinary city, go there conveniently and in style with SAS.

The following is always included, when you fly with SAS from UK to Aarhus:

  • Seat selection
  • 24-hour money-back guarantee
  • Earn EuroBonus points
  • Child discount up to 90%
  • Coffee and tea. Newspapers in the app
  • World-class punctuality

Read more about what is included in our flight tickets

All Inclusive

The great advantage of booking your flights to Aarhus with SAS is the transparency of the fares. With SAS, there are no hidden fees.

This means that you can budget your trip with confidence, especially if you’re taking your family. The price of your tickets includes all charges, fees and taxes. You don’t have to read any small print to see if you're obliged to pay extra for certain services. The ticket costs are all-inclusive.

What you get with SAS only

What exactly do you get in the price of your flights to Aarhus? To begin with, all taxes, airport fees and government charges where applicable.

In addition, your SAS fare includes a 50 lbs baggage allowance. This is especially practical if you have to bring extra baggage for an infant, for example. Perhaps you simply want a choice of clothes when you arrive at Aarhus. With a free 50 lbs baggage allowance from SAS, you can be more relaxed about what you pack.

Your fare also includes the convenience of SAS check-in services. Choose from checking in online or with your mobile phone – it’s up to you. You can then use the self-service kiosks and the SAS baggage drop areas at your airport. Alternatively, you can proceed to the SAS check-in counter and do things the traditional way.

Children very welcome

The other outstanding benefit of flying with SAS to Aarhus is the child discounts. SAS welcomes children onto its flights and loves to serve families onboard. In addition, if you have an infant with you aged up to 23 months, you'll only pay 10% of the normal fare. You and your family are always welcome at SAS.

Book cheap flights to Aarhus with SAS and you'll never want to fly another airline again.