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Flights to Aalborg

Cheap Flight Tickets to Aalborg

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Whether you're booking flights to Aalborg for a business trip or to relax with the family in this wonderful city, go there conveniently and in style with SAS.

When you fly with us from UK to Aalborg you will always get the following:

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Choose the best for business or family travel

Whether you are flying to Aalborg for business or family pleasure, choose SAS to take you there. Aalborg is the fourth-largest city in Denmark and the main port on the Limfjord. It’s no surprise that Aalborg is a popular travel destination. It’s a major industrial centre and has a regular stream of business travellers. If you’re one of them, you will want to arrive on time and relaxed – which is why SAS should be your first choice for cheap flights to Aalborg.

SAS appreciates that different passengers have different budgets and preferences when you fly, so when you book your flights to Aalborg, you can choose either SAS Go, SAS Plus or SAS Business. It's a guarantee that you'll be well taken care of by our cabin crew, who will do everything they can to make sure your flight is a comfortable and punctual one.

This means that you can budget your trip with confidence, especially if you’re taking your family with you. The price of your tickets includes all charges, fees and taxes. You don’t have to read any small print to see if you're obliged to pay extra money for certain services. The costs are all-inclusive. Only with SAS.

If you're planning a family trip, you'll receive great discounts for your children. On SAS flights, infants up to 23 months pay just 10 % of the normal fare, while children aged 2 to 11 are eligible for a discount of up to 25 % on tickets.

Ensure you travel in true Scandinavian style when flying to Aalborg for work or fun with SAS. Fly with SAS to Aalborg and you'll not only be delighted with your decision – you'll want to fly with us again and again.