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SAS EuroBonus Membership cards now in SAS APP only


As a part of SAS continuous work with sustainability and digitalization SAS EuroBonus will no longer send out physical EuroBonus member cards or SAS Smart Pass.

Members whose Silver, Gold or Diamond status are renewed, or members who are up- or downgraded to a new tier level, will not automatically receive a new membership card by mail. Instead your EuroBonus member card is available via SAS App.

If you still would like a physical card and you are a EuroBonus Silver, Gold or Diamond member you can log in to your EuroBonus account and order a card.


Adjustment to member benefit offering


SAS EuroBonus is constantly striving to offer a relevant and sustainable benefit portfolio for our most loyal members. For several years the goodie bag-benefit has in Diamond member surveys been ranked as one of the least appreciated benefits. This is also confirmed by the low degree of Diamond members choosing to redeem this annual gift.

We have therefore decided to remove the goodie bag-benefit from 31st March 2020 and we apologize for any inconvenience connected to this adjustment. We hope to replace the goodie bag with a new, more valued benefit that enriches the SAS travel experience even further for you as a Diamond member, delivered in a sustainable manner.

For further information, please contact your dedicated Diamond service.


Temporary disruptions in SAS EuroBonus services


The corona outbreak has developed fast and globally, with a severe impact on both SAS and the airline industry. The safety of our travelers and employees will always be our highest priority, and we are following the development of the current situation closely. Due to the extraordinary circumstances, SAS has temporarily suspended a majority of traffic program and workforce.

The EuroBonus program will therefore operate with temporary limitations, which will impact some of EuroBonus member services, until circumstances have normalized. This includes e.g. temporary limitation of points payment in the EuroBonus shop and temporary suspension of transfer of points between SAS EuroBonus and COOP (Sweden).

Please note that other key parts of the EuroBonus program still operate as normal, e.g. the Point Sharing service, earning points on credit cards and shopping with EuroBonus partners. For the latest information about SAS tickets and bonus tickets with SAS and Star Alliance, please visit our FAQ.

We are sorry for any inconvenience. 


SAS temporarily suspends new award bookings on Star Alliance partners both online and via call center


The corona outbreak has developed fast and globally, with a severe impact on both SAS and the airline industry. The safety of our travelers and employees will always be our highest priority, and we are following the development of the current situation closely.

Due to the extraordinary circumstances and a large amount of last minute Star Alliance partner flight cancellations, outside SAS control, SAS needs to prioritize and assign its resources to support SAS passengers and will therefore temporarily suspend new award bookings on Star Alliance partners. If you have an existing Star Alliance bonus trips, it will be possible to rebook via call center.

It will still be possible to book new bonus trips with SAS and Wideroe with flexible rules just as normal. We are sorry for any inconvenience.


The services to Buy Extra points and Transfer Extra points are temporarily unavailable


The possibility to buy Extra Points has unfortunately been closed for some time and in addition the service to Transfer points for a cost will be temporarily unavailable starting at 15.00 on 2 March 2020. The services will be unavailable until 31 May 2020.

If you need to top up your balance, we advise you to take the advantage of the Point Sharing service where you and your family members can pool your points. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Now easier to claim missing points


We have improved our process to claim missing points to make it easier for you to claim missing points with SAS and our air partners. You can claim points at the earliest 8 days before and latest 6 months after your trip.

New to EuroBonus? You can claim points for flights you’ve taken within 30 days prior to joining.

Claim missing points: Sweden – Norway – Denmark – International


Improved booking flow for points


We have made it is easier for you to search and book SAS flights for EuroBonus points. Now you find both Bonus tickets (best price) and Regular tickets for points (best availability) in the same booking flow. You can also combine the two ticket types in the same booking. This means that you can travel one direction with Bonus ticket and return with Regular ticket for points.

  • Bonus tickets are SAS most popular and high value offering to EuroBonus members. Bonus tickets are offered at fixed price and are refundable up to 24h before outbound departure. Availability of Bonus tickets is limited, and tickets can be sold out on attractive routes where demand is high. Campaigns and vouchers (American Express and Mastercard Fly Premium) are only applicable on Bonus tickets
  • Regular tickets for points are bookable on all flights with available seats. The tickets have the same booking rules as SAS regular tickets for cash, meaning that members also earn EuroBonus points on these tickets. As of 21st of October 2019 the points price is variable depending on the corresponding ticket price in cash. With the new pricing, members can book Regular tickets for points for less points than before, if booking more in advance. However, if a ticket is sold at a relatively high price in cash, the corresponding price in points will be higher. Members get the same tier level discount as before and the restriction to book minimum 14 days before departure to get discount is removed

Bonus tickets are marked with a golden dot to find them easily and to distinguish between the two ticket types. Visualization of campaigns on Bonus tickets has been improved with strikethrough of original points price. It is also possible to filter on Bonus tickets only.

The possibility to book trips where you return from/to another city is temporarily unavailable, but will be back again soon.

Use your EuroBonus points to fly wherever you want, whenever you want. Just log in and select “Pay with Points” and you will find all trips with SAS for points in the same place.


Sparebanken Sør Norway


To celebrate the partnership, you will get 4,000 Welcome Extra points if you link your Visa credit card to EuroBonus and then use the card on all purchases. Open for members resident in Norway.


Our partner Adria Airways


Adria Airways has ceased to be a partner of EuroBonus and member of Star Alliance, effective from October 2, 2019. No points can be registered nor be used from this date.


Earn points on Radisson Hotel Group


The way you earn points on Radisson Hotel Group has changed, effective from March 1, 2019. EuroBonus members will receive 1 Extra point per every 7 Radisson Rewards point exchanged from earned Radisson Rewards spend in USD paid on eligible charges.


Payment info onboard


Due to new regulations within the European Economic Area, SAS is introducing an interim payment solution onboard beginning in September.

Until a permanent payment system is in place, SAS has, together with eight other airlines, developed an interim routine which unfortunately comes with a number of limitations:

  • EuroBonus points may not be used as payment. 
  • Magnetic stripe card payments may not be performed. 
  • Card payments can only be made in Swedish kronor (SEK).
  • Travelers whose cards are linked to currencies other than SEK may be subject to an exchange fee. Please, contact your card supplier for terms & conditions. Payment limit equals SEK 4 000 per customer.

Cash payments in other currencies than SEK is accepted. We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to introduce a new enhanced payment system for our travelers.


New search tool for award trips


With our new search tool it is easier than ever to search for, find and book SAS award trips in the “best price” category. There are more available trips than ever, to all of our destinations.

It has never been easier to get where you want using your points.

Find SAS Award Trips: Sweden – Norway – Denmark – International


Good news! Prio boarding for Gold/Diamond friend or family


As of 4 June 2019 you as a Gold/Diamond member will be able to bring 1 guest or up to 4 family members when prio boarding.

This benefit is valid when your companion travels in the same booking as yourself. The boarding pass for your guest/family will automatically be upgraded as eligible for priority boarding.




To align all our booking concepts, a service fee* of 375 SEK/NOK/DKK or 40 EUR/USD per person and booking for personal assistance of bookings of Star Alliance award tickets will be implemented from 1 April 2019.

The service fee will only apply when a EuroBonus member has the possibility to book the Star Alliance award tickets online free of charge through our online booking tool  but chooses to book via customer service, e.g. phone, chat or e-mail. Exemptions* apply for EuroBonus Diamond members, Unaccompanied minor (UMNR), and infants. It’s always recommended to book flights online, if possible.
* subject to change 


EuroBonus members are one sustainable step ahead


At SAS, we have been committed to reducing our negative environmental impact for a long time, and on this journey every action counts – big and small.

We invest in new aircraft that reduce emissions, technological innovation and smart solutions. We strive to be at the forefront among airlines regarding sustainability, and CO2-offsetting is one of many steps on this journey. Youth Tickets already include free CO2-offsetting, and just like before, customers can choose to pay for CO2-offsetting by their own choice.

As one step towards more responsible traveling, and as a unique offering to our EuroBonus community, SAS will carbon offset (CO2-offset) all our EuroBonus members' trips on SAS flights, starting 1 February 2019. 

Read more about sustainability


Fly for lifelong benefits


Stay loyal and qualify for EuroBonus Gold 10 years in a row and get Lifetime Gold status. In other words, Gold status forever. 

Read more about Life Time Gold


Point Sharing


EuroBonus is now launching a long anticipated features by allowing members collect points together with family members or friends on a shared group account using Point Sharing.

Read more about Point Sharing


Combining cash and EuroBonus points is temporarily unavailable in the SAS App


Due to a system upgrade the possibility to pay your ticket with a combination of points and cash in SAS App is temporarily closed. SAS is continuously investing in upgrading our digital platforms, which will facilitate future development activities such as new EuroBonus award booking flows and features. 

You can still book your ticket with a combination of points and cash here. Choose "Points" in the booking flow and then select Points + Money. Please note that from 13 November, a minimum point spend of 500 points will be required when buying tickets with a combination of points and cash.


Launch of Star Alliance awards online


Now you can book Star Alliance awards around the globe with any of the 28 Star Alliance partner online. We also introduce new commercial terms reducing the fees and increasing point prices for Business and First class. No changes for award trips on SAS.

Read more about updated point prices for Star Alliance awards


Access pre-sale concert tickets before anyone else


SAS partners up with Live Nation to give EuroBonus members access to pre-sale concert tickets. As soon as new concerts and pre-sale ticket offers are announced, EuroBonus members will be able to book tickets to select events before anyone else.

Read more


Adjusted points earning

Updated 2018-10-08 (2018-10-01)

The amount of EuroBonus “Basic Points” earned on the lowest fares have been adjusted.

Less points will be earned with Go Light tickets, Youth tickets and inflexible Go tickets on intercontinental flights and on campaigns and for bookings made from 1 October with departures, in affected booking classes, from 1 December 2018.

Tier qualifying flights* and tier level bonus** are not affected.

*10 one-way flights on SAS (and/or on selected destinations on Wideroe) to become a Silver member, 45 one-way flights to become a Gold member and 90 one-way flights to become a Diamond member.

**Gold & Diamond members earn 25% more “Basic Points” on flights on SAS



Updated 2018-05-07  (2018-01-24)

For passengers with Go Light tickets there is a fee for adding a checked-in baggage. The same rule will now also apply for all EuroBonus members, since SAS is removing the baggage benefit for EuroBonus Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Star Alliance Gold members, when traveling in Go Light. The change concerns all Go Light tickets with departures from the 7 May, 2018.

Read more about upcoming benefit change



Expired points cannot be credited to your account again, so make sure to use them in good time. It's a good idea to check the expiry dates online at regular intervals.