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Bergen is enjoying a remarkable surge in popularity among travellers and it’s easy to see why. Surrounded by seven majestic hills and seven beautiful fjords, Bergen is stunningly attractive.

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City views

There are various places in and around Bergen to see the city’s charms at their best. A good starting point is the waterfront, known locally as Bryggen. The magnificent timber-clad buildings here reflect a style of construction that is almost 900 years old. Behind them, the city ascends the hillside with row upon row of houses. In front lies Vaagen, the harbour that has brought prosperity to Bergen since 1070.

Another great place to view Bergen is from the top of Mount Fløyen. If you take the funicular, you'll find yourself 320m above sea level. From this height, the city spreads out before you in its entirety.

Things to do

Bergen offers far more than just great view.There are many places to visit to keep even the most energetic traveller busy.

Destinations worth putting at the top of your list include the Arboretum and Botanical Garden at Milde. Stroll around 125 acres of marvellous garden set across hills and gorges. There’s also a stretch of shoreline where you can take a break from walking and go for a swim.

Another place to see is the centre of the city. Here you’ll find the world famous Bergen Fish Market. Don't be misled by the name. In addition to fish, you can buy fruit, vegetables, flowers, souvenirs and handicrafts.

The Fish Market is in fact a good point to proceed to other local attractions. The narrowest street in Bergen branches off the market. This street, Dyvekegangen, is just 99 cm wide.

Just a short walk away from the Fish Market and overlooking the harbour is the Bergen Aquarium. The aquarium has one of Europe’s biggest collections of fish and invertebrates as well as penguins and seals. Other attractions worth visiting in Bergen include Haakon’s Hall, the Hanseatic Assembly Rooms Museum and Fresco Hall, which is also the tourist information centre.

If you have the time, you should also take a trip to the Fantoft Stave Church 6km from the centre of Bergen. Although a fire a several years ago destroyed the original church dating from 1150, the new building is an exact replica and a remarkable piece of early mediaeval design.

Travel tips

The Bergen Card offers free travel by bus within the city boundaries, discounts on a range of attractions and free entry to the majority of museums and exhibitions in the city. Buy a Bergen Card from the Tourist Information Office, the railway station and most hotels.

Before you travel to Bergen with it’s wise to book accommodation find your hotel. The city is a popular destination for many tourists.

What's up in Bergen

Nerves of steel
Take the cable car to the top of Mount Fløyen and enjoy the spectacular view. Just don't look down on your way up.
Music in Bergen
There are more than enough music festivals to go around.Bergenfest is just one of many.
The Norwegian Trekking Association provides information on outdoor activities and links to member sites throughout Norway.
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Fish Market
Tel.: +47 55 55 20 00

In the center of Bergen, you will find the Fish Market. It's a great place to pick up lunch. Seafood comes in many varieties. Try a baguette with smoked salmon - or why not buy half a kilo of freshly boiled shrimp? You can eat at the market, but I usually take a stroll down to the pier, where it's a bit more quiet.
Tor, pilot
Bergen Turlag
Tel.: + 47 553 35 810

Rent a lodge or take one of many trekking routes. Bergen is a great place for outdoor activities with spectacular scenery.
Nordahl Bruns gate 9
Tel.: +47 55 55 81 14

Somewhat rude staff, but they have nice and reasonable priced soups.

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