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Flight to Lulea

SAS - the biggest airline company in Scandinavia - offers cheap international flight tickets to Lulea.
Our city guide will help you to find out what's up and what the best tips are from SAS crew and passengers. 
In Lulea the cold mountain water of the Lule River meets the salt water of the sea. This is a place to experience the
magnificence of nature, and for magical encounters with the Sami culture.

Cheap international flight tickets to Lulea can be booked on from many destinations around the world.

What's up in Lulea

Check out the outback
Rane river offers some lovely nature experiences. Walk the trail, stay a
night in one of the cabins. 


Ice Fishing in the winter, ask the tourist Information for instructions and get to it!

Life in the Wild
If you are feeling  adventurous
try a snow mobile or a Husky Expedition.


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Crew tip

Passenger tip Passenger tip

Tel.: +46 920 45 70 10

On UNESCO's list of World
Heritage since 1996,
Gammelstad Church Town Gammelstad has one of the
biggest and best preserved
church towns in the world,
with more than 400 church
cottages surrounding the
medieval stone church.
Jess, air purser

STF Lulea

Vandrarhem, Swedish for Hostel
is a common way to spend
vacations in Sweden. It's usually quite cheap, quality can vary, but
its always clean and neat.
Kitchen is shared and a good way
to get in touch with other tourists.
Vandrarhem gets you closer to nature and local events. Try it out!

+46 920 222432

I love Archipelagos and Lulea
Archipelago is maybe not the
biggest but it's charming. There
are cabins on several islands
as well as Saunas wich are
free to use.




Rent a car in Lulea Rent a car in Lulea  



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