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SAS - the biggest airline company in Scandinavia - offers cheap international flight tickets to Kittila.
Our city guide will help you to find out what's up and what the best tips are from SAS crew and passengers. 
The municipality of Kittila,  in southern Fell-Lapland, is full of action and vitality. Kittila offers a variety of landscape: the southern and middle parts are dominated by hills and large bogs and mires, while the northern part belongs to a chain of fells.

Cheap international flight tickets to Kittila can be booked on from many destinations around the world.

What's up in Kittila

Get your hands on Sami
handicrafts - not cheap but unique.


Northen Lights
Kittila is a great place for Aurora Borealis sightings!

Explore the Arctic on a snowmobile.


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Crew tip

Passenger tip Passenger tip

Levi Ski resort
Myllyjoentie 2
Tel.: +358 16 639 3300

This is why most people
go to Kittila, for the excellent
skiing at Levi, the biggest ski
resort in Finland. Downhill,
crosscountry of snowboarding,
there is something for everybody
here. When u need a break you
can try out their other activities
or just relax in a sauna.
Summer activities include the
Kona approved bike park, for

Tel. +358 9 272 8277

In winter this hotairbaloon
operator have rides departing
from Levi, Kittila. If you are
here in mid february don't miss
out on the International Arctic
Balloon Festival
. Balloon teams
from around Europe gather in
Levi to offer visitors an
opportunity for rides. A hot air
balloon ride above the Arctic
landscape is the ultimate
sightseeing adventure.

Reindeer Festival

In fall at the time for the  
reindeer roundup time there
is the annual Reindeer Festival 
in Levi. A weekend festival
with cooking contests,
handicrafts from northern
Finland and the crowning of a reindeer girl. 




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