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SAS - the biggest airline company in Scandinavia - offers daily cheap international flight tickets to Dublin from many destinations in Scandinavia and with connections from Europe, USA and Asia.
Our city guide will help you to find out what's up and what the best tips are from SAS crew and passengers. In recent years, Dublin has been transformed into a trendy city, and possibly the party capital of Europe. It is also a young city, 50% of its population is under the age of 27.

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  Images courtesy of Dublin Tourism.

What's up in Dublin

Guinness Brewery
What should you do first
when you're in Dublin?
Have pint of Guiness!

Temple bar
Gotcha! You thought of another
drink! Check out the book market
with fresh air.

Rebellion Walking Tour
1916 Easter Rising is a bit
of a different city tour, but
give it a try.

Visit Ireland

Visit Dublin

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Crew tip

Passenger tip Passenger tip

Bed & Breakfast

I think you should always
stay at a traditional
Irish B&B. Especially
Tinode House is one of
my favorites.
Karin, air steward


This market is only on
on weekends, if you're into
Victorian and Georgian
items or Art Deco and
Art Nouveau then this
is a great tip for you.

The Church

Anytime I'm in Dublin
I hang out at The Church
Café. It's a special
atmosphere and it's
cozy as well! I love it!




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