Dine at Gothia Tower restaurants
- last day to earn points is on April 30, 2018!

A culinary experience is so much more than just good food. It’s an occasion when our eyes, ears and palate should be satisfied. It’s about scents, flavours and delicious ingredients, prepared with love and care. They put extra effort and thought into all of these elements at Gothia Towers, with the best location in Gothenburg. Whatever you feel like having, we promise you an experience beyond the ordinary.


Gothia Tower restaurants and EuroBonus is going separate ways and last day to earn points will be on April 30, 2018.Please note that points cannot retroactively be registered with this partner.

Enjoy a fantastic dinner at Gothia Towers restaurants in Gothenburg and earn EuroBonus points!

EuroBonus and Gothia Tower restaurants

This is a partnership open for all members and it allows you to earn EuroBonus Extra points when you dine at Heaven23, Incontro, West Coast and the latest addtion Upper House (new!).

The points your earn is really simple to understand, 1 sek is 1 Extra points.

  • EuroBonus member must be over 12 years to earn the Extra points
  • Extra points are issued after completed purchase in the restaurants
  • Members do not earn Extra points on any alcoholic beverages
  • EuroBonus member is responsible for the EuroBonus card being valid
  • Member has to acknowledge to the restaurant staff about his/hers EuroBonus card in order to earn Extra points
  • EuroBonus number and earned Extra points will be printed on the receipt, no retro registration of points will be possible
  • EuroBonus member is self responsible to show the EuroBonus card to the restaurant staff and control that the points has been added to the receipt, earned Extra points will be visible at the printed receipts

Heaven23 is cocktailbar with the best view in town!





Incontro is an italian styled restaurant also containing a pianobar.




West Coast is a modern fish- and seafood restaurant

UPPER HOUSE - a journey for the senses


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