Book any seat for points only or why not points & cash

Enjoy the simplicity of buying any ticket for points or a mix of points and cash online in all service classes, on all flights when you fly with SAS and Wideroe. Earn points at the same time!

Price for the trip will vary based on market, location and the reservation rules will follow for the class selected and tickets are always available if the flight isn’t fully booked. Price can be points (with a minimum points price) or the mix of points and money.

When you have selected destination, passengers, dates, click on the link (see below) and you will have the option to buy a regular ticket for points only or combine points and money using a slider. This will give you an unprecedented opportunity to travel to your favorite destination for your points!



Good to know about regular tickets for points


  • Same rules apply as on regular tickets and fares, even if you use EuroBonus points. 
  • News! Can be booked through your mobile phone.
  • Infants pay 10% of the adult fare & children 2 - 11 years of age have 25% discount. 
  • Reservations can be made up to departure provided that the destinations has e-ticket service.
  • You can mix classes, fly in SAS Business or SAS Plus outbound and in SAS Go on your way home. 
  • You can request a standby upgrade for points the day of departure at gate or book a confirmed upgrade, also for points on SAS. 
  • Any applicable taxes or charges must be paid by the traveller. 
  • Points can be earned for tickets paid, wholly or partly with points.
  • Cancellation, if ticket is non refundable, no points returned.
  • Cancellation, if the ticket is refundable, points will be returned if they haven't expired.
  • Cannot be combined with American Express 50% benefit.
  • Note! Tickets are available on selected flights with Wideroe.

We will of course continue to offer our EuroBonus tickets with a limited number of seats on each flight, at lowest available award price in points.

Take me to the awardchart for lowest standard EuroBonus fare

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SAS & Wideroe

SAS & Wideroe

Upgrade onboard for points


Yes, on SAS

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EuroBonus rules

According to ticket type

* A fixed price is available for Gold and Diamond members. 


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