Convenient shopping and you earn Extra points

Save time and earn more points at the same time through our shopping service  an easy way to shop from the comfort in your home.By shopping here, your account balance will quickly add up to great awards. Load's of online brands for you and with a few simple steps you can shop and earn Extra points from wherever you are, not just from your home. There will always be new offers and special deals waiting for you the when you visit us and we’ll try to include your favorite brands and products.

By shopping here, your EuroBonus account balance will quickly add up to great awards.






Note! Only available for members resident in the Nordic countries. If you make any purchases on a retailer’s web site without going through this shopping portal or without logging in, we will be unable to award points (no retro point registering is allowed).

Important! The points are transferred 8 weeks after the date of purchase to your EuroBonus account.
Questions about your Extra points from shopping,
click here.



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