Smart shopping means more awards for you

  Få mer EuroBonus-poäng på allt du köper
  Bli EuroBonus-medlem

The cards that give you air travels without traveling.
Do all of your regular shopping, like groceries, clothing, gas, coffee, restaurants visits, furniture, activities and electronics, with SAS EuroBonus credit card. You will earn extra points on everything you purchase and soon you will have earned enough points for a bonus trip – without flying once.

Become a member of EuroBonus (if you not already a member) and choose the type of credit card you prefer.

American Express
  10 - 20 Extra points/100 kr

Activation bonus:
Premium, 6000 Extra points and on Platinum,

12 000 Extra points

Flight award benefit:
50% discount on SAS 'Best price' if you spend 
100 000 NOK
or 150 000 SEK per year

Available for members in:
Norway and Sweden.

  10 Extra points/100 kr or
10 Euro spend

Lowest annual fee of our
combined cards

Available for members in:
Denmark, Greenland, Faroe Islands
Norway and Sweden.


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