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We are travelers.

SAS flies to Greece from/via Oslo, Copenhagen or Stockholm (depending on route).

We fly from all our destinations in Europe, the US (Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco and Washington D.C. and Asia (Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing and Singapore).

SAS flies to Athens, Chania, Crete, Mykonos, Rhodes, Santorini and Thessaloniki in Greece.

We fly to most of our destinations all year round. A few of our destinations are seasonal.

Fly to Greece with SAS

Fly with us to Athens or Thessaloniki on the Greek mainland or visit one of the many beautiful islands; Santorini/Thira, Chania, Mykonos or Rhodes.

Island hopping between the Greek mainland and the many islands is another great way to experience the country and its history.

  • cl--locator Capital: Athens
  • cl--clock Time zone: EET: UTC +2/EEST: UTC +3
  • cl--credit Currency: Euro
  • cl--globe Official language: Greek

Antique sites and sandy beaches in Greece

Whether you want a holiday on the beach or to go see antique sights and culture – Greece has it all. Experience the mythology, history and beauty of Greece, from Acropolis in Athens, the ancient towns of Chania on Crete and Rhodes old town, to romance and volcanic craters in Santorini or beach life on Mykonos, Rhodes or Crete. In the country’s two biggest cities, Athens and Thessaloniki, you can combine a day shopping in the city with day at the beach as both cities are just a short trip away from a swim in the ocean.

Wander the streets of romantic Thira on Santorini, right on the edge of a volcanic caldera, take a swim in the mythological river Styx. Or maybe you’d rather take a walk in the footsteps of great philosophers like Socrates, Aristotle or Plato?

Fly to Greece with SAS
  • Feed the foodie – Greek cuisine
  • Want more comfort on your journey?
  • Discounted tickets for kids
  • Experience the world with SAS

Always with SAS

At SAS, we strive to ensure our customers have a relaxed and comfortable journey. Regardless of which ticket type you carry, you’ll always enjoy the SAS customer benefits.

Always included in your flight is easy online check-in, coffee and tea onboard, up to 90% price reduction for children and use of the SAS App

Included in your ticket: SAS Go Light SAS Go SAS Plus
24-hour money back guarantee Yes Yes Yes
Carry-on Yes Yes Yes
Checked bag No Yes Yes
SAS Lounge No No Yes
Fast Track No No Yes
Food & beverages No No

CO2 offset with SAS EuroBonus

We are travelers.

EuroBonus gives you more of the world. It is the most popular loyalty program for travelers in Scandinavia. If you are a member of EuroBonus you will earn points on your flights with us and our partner airlines in Star Alliance. You can use the points to pay for your next trip, upgrade or rent a car, among other things.

We CO2 offset all tickets booked using a EuroBonus number. This means that we now carbon offset just over 40% of all the emission that our planes emit. Read more about our sustainability work

SAS CO2 offsets all EuroBonus members trips

If you are not a member already, it’s free and easy to join. Create a EuroBonus account and earn points on your trip.

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