Lifetime Gold

This information notice summarizes the terms and conditions for Give away membership product.

Lifetime Gold: Summary

Effective: 31 October, 2020

1.1 These Terms & Conditions are valid for Lifetime Gold. Lifetime Gold gives a member a EuroBonus Gold membership for the rest of its life (hereafter referred to as “Lifetime Gold” or “Lifetime Gold Product”).

1.2 The Lifetime Gold Product is also subject to EuroBonus Terms & Conditions ( see EuroBonus Terms & Conditions). In case of conflict between these Terms & Conditions and the EuroBonus Terms & Conditions, the provisions of the EuroBonus Terms & Conditions shall prevail.

2.1 The Lifetime Gold Product is operated by SAS EuroBonus AB, with corporate identity number 559224-9782, with its principle office at Frösundaviks allé 1, SE-195 87 Stockholm (hereafter “EB” “us” or “we”). EB is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SAS AB, with corporate identity number 556606-8499, and an affiliate of Scandinavian Airlines System Denmark- Norway-Sweden, a consortium established under the laws of Denmark, Norway and Sweden (hereafter “SAS”).
2.2 The EuroBonus program has the following categories of points:
1) “Basic Points” which can be used for award travel and other products and count towards upgrade to a higher membership level or renewal of membership level;

2) “Status Points” which count towards upgrade to a higher membership level or renewal of membership level but cannot be used for award travel and other products;

3) “Extra Points” which can be used for award travel and other products, but do not count towards upgrade to a higher membership level; and

4) “Qualifying Flights” which are flights operated by SAS or selected flights operated by other airlines as set out on SAS website and count towards upgrade to a higher membership level or renewal of membership level.

2.3 Lifetime Gold will be given to members who have qualified for EuroBonus Gold status ten (10) consecutive years or more through either (i) Basic Point accrual, (ii) Status Point accrual or (iii) Qualifying Flights, no other Gold status will be accepted.
2.4 EB will consider Lifetime Gold, as set out in Section 2.3, for all members from qualification periods starting 2002.

2.5 Lifetime Gold will not be given to members who have had EuroBonus Gold status for ten consecutive years or more, if they have not qualified for EuroBonus Gold status every year within the members qualification period.

2.6 All EuroBonus Gold membership benefits apply as usual. No special EuroBonus card is issued. Member receives new EuroBonus Gold membership yearly in accordance with standard renewal process.

2.7 A member who is a EuroBonus Diamond or higher will keep tier status until they no longer qualify for Diamond or higher. At this time a EuroBonus Gold membership will be issued for member.

2.8 EB may determine to exempt member at its own discretion at any time.

2.9 EB may determine to terminate the Lifetime Gold Product at any time and withdrawing Gold membership due to Lifetime Gold status.

2.10 The data EB holds is the only information that will be considered for Lifetime Gold qualification validity. For the avoidance of doubt, EB will not accept any other data sources or information for qualification validity.

3.1 Membership in the EuroBonus program including the Lifetime Gold Product, requires us to process your personal data. To fulfil our commitment under these Terms & Conditions, it is thus necessary for us to process information that relates to you as a person.

3.2 Personal data means any information relating to you as a natural person and through which you can be identified directly or indirectly, such as your name, photo or ID number.

3.3 The personal data in question is mainly information that you have provided us with as well as data from our business partners and other third parties. We process this data for purposes related to these Terms & Conditions, such as managing your EuroBonus account and travel, making your travel with us easier, and improving and personalizing our products, services, communication and offers by getting to you know you and your preferences.

3.4 EB and SAS will jointly determine the purposes and means of the processing of your personal data as so called joint controllers within the meaning of Article 26 of the General Data Protection regulation (EU Regulation no. 2016/679).
For this purpose, EB and SAS have entered into a joint-controller agreement, the essence thereof is set out here: Joint Controller Agreemen.

3.5 Further information on how we process your personal data is set out in our Privacy Policy for EuroBonus members. Please read the policy applicable to you thoroughly and contact our Data Protection Officer at should you have any questions. We reserve the right to change the Privacy Policy for EuroBonus members at any time.

3.6 We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website. For information on which cookies we use and how, see SAS’ Cookie Policy.

4.1 We reserve the right to terminate the membership in cases which we deem constitute misuse. This means that previously earned but unused points and issued EuroBonus tickets/vouchers become null and void. We also reserve the right to downgrade your membership level in cases which we deem constitute misuse. Misuse may consist of unsuitable or disrespectful behavior towards us or our business partners, our employees or passengers, violation of the EuroBonus Terms and Conditions or these Terms and Conditions, illegal conduct, fraud or actions that are generally regarded as immoral or unethical.

4.2 You are only entitled to points for which you have performed a valid activity and only for your own flights. EB may at any time correct or withdraw points for any activity or EuroBonus points wrongly registered on your EuroBonus account due to a technical error or any other malfunction. For the avoidance of doubt, such correction could also affect membership level and related benefits.

4.3 Points and benefits (including give away cards) are personal and can under no circumstances be sold, transferred, combined, inherited, refunded in cash or used for other purposes than within the EuroBonus program unless otherwise stated by EB. In case of misuse, we can confiscate points, benefits and documents. Members can be refused access to a plane, a hotel or otherwise be refused to enter into or enjoy the performance of an agreement for other products or services. If a trip has commenced or the delivery of service or product has already taken place, the passenger can be charged full price for the remainder of the trip/for the applicable purchase.

5.1 To the extent permissible by local law or regulations, these Terms & Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Swedish law. Both parties submit, to the extent permitted by local law or regulations, to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the District Court of Stockholm to resolve any dispute that may arise from these Terms & Conditions.
5.2 Any provision of these Terms & Conditions declared void or unenforceable by any competent authority or court shall, to the extent of such invalidity or unenforceability, be deemed severable and shall not affect the other provisions remaining, which shall continue unaffected.
5.3 These Terms & Conditions were last updated on 31 October 2020 and replace all previous versions thereof.