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With our digital services, you've got the entire world in your pocket, from tips about exciting places to everything you need to know for your trip.


Book flights and hotels, check in, get your boarding pass, download newspapers and magazines, and get up to the minute flight information and notifications with the award-winning SAS App. You can even save your passport details and other personal information safely in the "Me" section. 

Download SAS App from the App Store or Google Play to install it. Make sure you always have the latest version installed as we are constantly improving the app.

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SAS App best among European airlines

Our user-friendly SAS App is the best airline app in Europe according to analysis by e-commerce experts Flexponsives, based on a study of 50 000 reviews of 12 European airlines apps. Both the iOS and Android versions received the highest ratings.


Guide your friends with SAS REMAP

Travelers don't buy travel guides. They create their own. Use Remap in the SAS App – tailor-made apps created by your friends and local connoisseurs who know you and your destination.

Share ideas to improve the SAS App

As a true traveler, you know best what features you want in a travel app. And in the Labs section of the app, you can tell us how we can make it even better. Our digital specialists are always looking for ways to take your travel experience to the next level. Some of the best features of the SAS App were born in Labs, like being able to rate flights and connect with friends. Read more about how SAS Labs is innovating the future of travel here

Flight information by text message 

Stay in the know. Our text messaging service gives you all the information you need – delivered right to your phone.

  • Just enter your phone number when you book your trip. We'll text you to keep you updated on delays and cancellations from 22 hours before departure.
  • If you're a EuroBonus member or have a SAS Travel Pass, you can get more information texted free of charge:
    • We'll let you know about 2.5 hours before departure that your flight is leaving on time.   
    • We'll also tell you the terminal and gate your flight is departing from when this information is available.

SAS Smart Pass

The SAS Smart Pass takes your travel to the next level. Smart, time-saving and convenient, it's a sticker on your phone that you can use to identify yourself at the airport.