SAS Corporate Portal

SAS Corporate Portal is our online solution for SAS For Business members who wish to make and manage bookings directly with SAS. Once your company is connected to SAS Corporate Portal it will give you a full overview of your company's trips. In the portal you'll automatically get direct access to your company's discounted fares and statistics regarding your company's total travel.

Step-by-step guide

Company's Travel administrator

A travel administrator of a company has access to the overview, can see the company's booked trips and has the opportunity to book trips for others. A travel administrator can invite company business travelers to SAS Corporate Portal so they can make and manage their own bookings. A company can have as many travel administrators as they like.

When you have signed up your company for SAS For Business you can become the travel administrator. If you already have a corporate agreement with SAS, contact your Key Account Manager. To get the travel administrators rights follow the link in the welcome email you received after signing up. If you have used the older version of SAS Corporate Booking Tool, a separate email has been sent to you with the travel administrator link. If you no longer have access to these emails, please contact SAS Corporate Sales Center.

To connect your company to SAS Corporate Portal, log in to SAS by using your personal SAS profile. If you don’t have one, you may create a new account. Once connected, you will become the company’s travel administrator and you will be able to invite other business travelers within your company to SAS Corporate Portal.

You can also give others at the company travel administrator rights, or remove them at any time.

Company traveler

Before you can get started, follow the invitation link that you have received from your company's travel administrator.

The link will take you to the login mode. Log in to your personal SAS profile and connect to SAS For Business or register a new account. Once your SAS profile is completed you can start book business trips with your company’s discounted fares.

Log in to your SAS profile and click on your profile icon (top right) and choose Corporate. You can now book your business trips and your discounted fares will be shown in the flight list.

As a travel administrator you can also book trips for other company travelers, with or without profile.

In SAS Corporate Portal you can pay using credit cards, Diners Travel Account or SAS Inovice. Other payment solutions may be available depending on market such as PayPal, Swish etc.

Credit card payments

You can use a personal or a corporate credit card. According to EU directive about Strong Customer Authentication SAS is performing a 3D Secure request on all transactions. It might be that you will need to do an authentication at point of payment.

If a personal or corporate plastic card being used, all users need to store individual cards into their individual profiles.

Diners travel account

For transactions with a Diners Travel Account no 3D Secure authentication will be requested. If several users are buying tickets with the same card stored in the corporate profile please make sure it is a Travel Account.

Diners Travel Account is limited to companies in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. If you'd like to use a Diners Travel Account issued in a different market, contact SAS Corporate Sales center.

If you want to pay with Diners Travel Account, contact SAS Corporate Sales center and they will assist you.

SAS Invoice

With SAS Invoice, your company gets control over travel expenses, for all purchases via SAS sales channels. Every time a trip is booked, the cost is deducted from SAS Invoice and then invoicing takes place.

SAS Invoice also provides increased flexibility when it comes to payment. You can choose how often the invoice should come, once or twice a month, or once a week. In addition, the invoice can be sent to the entire company or directly to a specific cost center if you so wish, Tick the appropriate option on the application form.

SAS Invoice is limited to companies in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Questions about SAS Invoice

For questions about invoice model, payment time and payment, contact SAS Invoice via SEB Card +46 8 14 67 47.

For questions regarding bookings, trips, credits or delivery notes, contact SAS Corporate Sales center.

Log in to you SAS profile to see all the details about your flights and manage your bookings. You can see all your coming trips, both Corporate and Private.

As a travel administrator you can select if you want to see your own bookings, corporate bookings you have made for other employees or all company bookings, including bookings made by employees or other travel administrators.

Travel administrators also have access to statistics regarding your company's total travel, such as most frequent destinations, total travel spend per month, C0₂ emissions and more.

If you have booking related questions, please contact SAS Customer Service. For travel administrative related questions, contact SAS Corporate Sales Center.