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Purchase Extra points

Buy Extra points & travel further

Your dream trip or reward is just around the corner. And the more you travel and spend, the further you get. If you don't have enough EuroBonus points, you can always buy more.

Here’s how it works

To get the number of points you need to book an award trip or hotel stay, you can purchase Extra points. Just keep in mind that you can't level up using Extra points. You can buy extra points for yourself or transfer points to someone else.


buy Basic points

When you log in, you can see if you are able to buy Basic points if you're missing a maximum of 5 000 points to reach Silver, 15 000 points to reach Gold or 30 000 to reach Diamond status.


Transfer points

You can transfer the points you have already earned to someone else. Your transferred points will always become Extra points for the receiving account. It is not possible to transfer Basic points to someone else.

How to buy points

To do any of the above, please log in here. This is also where you can also read the terms and conditions.