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(Updated 27FEB20 10:25 CET)

Information regarding disruption at Las Palmas airport (LPA) due severe weather 22-24FEB20

(Published 23FEB20 - Updated 27FEB20)

SAS has been informed that 3 aircrafts parked at Las Palmas airport need further inspections.

As a result SK6372  Las Palmas-Oslo cannot depart in the evening of 26FEB20, passengers will be sent to hotell. 
SK6372/(origin 26FEB20) Las Palmas-Oslo 17FEB ETD 20:00 lt

SK7408/(origin 23FEB)  Tenerife-Oslo  delayed until  27FEB ETD 08:00 lt
SK7418/(origin 22FEB)  Las Palmas- Kristiansand    26FEB ETD 21:00 lt

ETD - Estimated time of departure

If you have not received a text message with information about your new flight details, please contact SAS Customer service for assistance.  

Please check your flight status before going to the airport. Read more about your rights when affected by delays and canceled flights.

If you are traveling with a tour operator, please contact them directly. 



(Published 14FEB20 - Updated 26FEB20)

Travel to/from Shanghai and Beijing
The safety of our passengers and employees is our highest priority. A new evaluation has been made of the situation in China regarding the Coronavirus and SAS has decided to prolong the suspension of all flights to and from Shanghai and Beijing until March 29th. Rebooking possibilities are offered for affected passengers.

Travel to/from and via Hong Kong (HKG)
Flight schedule to and from Hong Kong will be reduced in March, April and May. Affected Passengers will be notified.

Restrictions for transfer via Hong Kong to the Philippines
With immediate effect, the government of the Philippines has issued restrictions for travel between Hong Kong and the Philippines. Passengers departing and/or transferring via Hong Kong are not permitted to enter the Philippines. 
Exception: Philippine citizens and holders of permanent resident visa are exempted from this restriction and may travel. 
Affected passengers having a reservation up to and including 31MAR20, are offered a full refund as rebooking possibilities are very limited. 

SAS will continue to monitor the situation in constant dialogue with authorities and continuously update the information about the situation.

For more information regarding Travel Advice, please visit the World Health Organization's web site  or your local National Public Health Agency's website.

Health declaration
Due to the current situation in China, Chinese authorities now require all inbound travelers to fill in a health declaration. Completed declarations are to be presented at immigration upon arrival. SAS will provide you with a copy to fill in before your departure at the airport. 

Voluntary change of flight to and from HongKong
We are offering our customers travelling to, from or via Hongkong to voluntary change their reservation. You have the possibility to rebook your flight to another travel date according to below options:

Is the departure date of your flight to, from or via Hongkong between 30 January 2020 – 29 February 2020 and your ticket number starts with 117 issued on/before 28 January 2020 on a SAS operated flight? Then your new departure date should be no later than 31 May 2020.

You can change your travel dates only if the same airlines and travel class is available as mentioned in your original ticket. You will not have to pay the change fee.

Permitted for cancelled flights. 

How to rebook 

Your ticket must be purchased on SAS web, SAS App or SAS Call Center. If you booked via a travel agent or a tour operator, please contact them directly. 

Log into My Bookings and change your travel dates yourself if you are travelling to or from Hongkong (you need to change country on the website to the same as where you did your original booking). For other destinations or if your itinerary includes other airlines you need to contact SAS Customer service for rebooking.

Links to My Bookings can be found on top of this page. SAS will not absorb costs such as, but not limited to, accommodation, food and surface/air transportation for voluntary rebooking.


Entry restrictions for various countries due to the Coronavirus outbreak

Various countries are currently adding entry restrictions for passengers who have been in China within the last couple of weeks. This might also apply for passengers with People’s Republic of China passports. Entry restrictions are not aligned and differ from country to country. Some also include Hong Kong.

SAS strongly recommend reviewing the latest entry requirements of any destination you’re travelling to, even if you’re a citizen or resident of that destination – or if it’s just for a transfer and connecting flight.

Hong kong

(Updated 27FEB20)

Requirements for passengers entering Hong kong from 07FEB2020

With immediate effect, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has announced that:

All passengers (Hong Kong residents, Mainland residents as well as other visitors), that have visited Mainland China over the 14 days before entering Hong Kong, (even if they are entering from other places), will be subject to compulsory quarantine for 14 days upon their arrival. 

If a visitors permitted limit of stay in Hong Kong is shorter than the length of the compulsory quarantine (i.e. 14 days), he/ she will be refused entry into Hong Kong. 

Effective 14FEB20 passengers now have permission to travel via Hong kong into China, except passengers currently living in Wuhan or Hubei province. 

Note: Passengers must show an ID card that confirms place of residents in China. 

Effective 26FEB2020 passengers that have visited Republic of Korea over the latest 14 days before entering Hong kong, will not be permitted to enter Hong kong until further notice.
Residents in Hong kong are excepted. 

Hong kong residents having visited the two regions Daegu or Gyeongsangbuk-do within the last 14 days in Republic of Korea, seeking to enter Hong kong will be subject to mandatory quarantine. 

Passengers traveling on SAS flight  from Copenhagen to Hongkong 
If a passenger’s permitted limit of stay in Hong Kong is shorter than the length of the compulsory quarantine (i.e. 14 days), he/she must not board the flight.



(Updated 12FEB20)

New requirement for passengers traveling with SAS to Tokyo, Narita (NRT) from 07FEB2020

With immediate effect Immigration Services Agency of Japan has issued new requirements for passengers traveling to Japan. The new requirements are valid for foreign passengers who have travelled to Hubei Province in Mainland China, within 14 days before arriving Japan. Foreign passengers who have Chinese passports issued in Hubei or Zhejiang Province in Mainland China are also affected by this new requirement. Japanese residents/ nationals are not  affected by the requirement.

The restrictions are valid until further notice.


Russian federation

(Published 21FEB20)

Temporary restriction for nationals of china to enter Russian federation from 21FEB20

Effective 21FEB20: Following temporary restriction has been imposed by Russian border control due to Corona virus COVID-19 outbreak. Nationals of China (Peoples republic of China) are not allowed to enter the Russian federation. This does not apply to passengers who reside in Russian Federation or passengers transferring at St. Petersburg to a country outside the Russian Federation, provided all documentation for the next destination is in order. Transferring with airport change in Russia is not allowed.



(Published 10FEB2020)

New entry requirement for transfer passengers to and from Taiwan from 10FEB20
With immediate effect the Taiwan Government announce a 14-day home quarantine to be required for passengers transiting through China, Hong Kong and Macau granted entry into Taiwan; restrictions on direct flights to and from China, Hong Kong and Macau to be implemented and flights from certain airports to be suspended.


United States

(Updated 04FEB20)

Requirements for passengers traveling to the US who has been present in mainland China from 02FEB20

Effective 02FEB20 from 23:00 CET, the US authorities (TSA) has issued new requirements for passengers traveling to the US. The new requirements are valid for passengers who has been present in mainland China within the preceding 14-days of the date of the individual’s entry or attempted entry into the United States.

All airlines must question each passenger to determine whether the individual has been present in Mainland China (excluding Hong Kong and Macau),  within the preceding 14-days of the date of the individual’s entry or attempted entry into the United States.  

If presence cannot be determined, the foreign air carrier must: Examine the passport for entry and/ or exit stamps and also examine the passenger PNR.

If determined that passenger has been present in Mainland China the preceding 14 days,  SAS must not allow alien persons to board a flight to the USA.

If determined that passengers like US Citizens holding US Passports or permanent residence cards, who has been in, transferred from or transited through any location in Mainland China within the preceding 14 days, must only arrive to the United states to the following airports when traveling with SAS:

SAS other destinations in the United States, Boston (BOS) and Miami (MIA), are not cleared to accept passengers who have been present in mainland China within the preceding 14-days of the date of the individual’s entry.

Passengers will be questioned along with the other questions SAS already are obliged to perform for flights to the United States.


Runway closure at Bologna (BLQ) airport 16-20SEP20

(Published 05DEC19)

Bologna airport (BLQ) will be closed for operation due runway closure between 16SEP20  and 20SEP20. This will affect our flights between Copenhagen and Bologna (BLQ).  Customers with existing reservations will be rebooked to Malpensa (MXP). 

New Zealand introducing the New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA) effective 01OCT2019

(Published 26AUG19)

Effective 01OCT2019 the New Zealand Government is introducing the New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA). Visitors from 60 visa waiver countries, transit passengers from 24 transit visa waiver countries, all airlines crew members (except those with Australian or New Zealand citizenship) and Australian Permanent Residents, must hold an NZeTA before they travel to New Zealand.  More information can be found via the New Zealand Immigration website

Apple MacBook Pro batteries onboard

(Published 22AUG19)

A limited number of batteries in Apple 15-inch MacBook Pro devices sold between September 2015 and february 2017 are defective and will
be replaced by Apple.
Passengers should check the Apple support webpage for details, as the faulty devices can only be identified via their serial numbers.
In general lithium batteries that are damaged, defective or recalled are not allowed onboard an airplane

No Boeing 737 Max 8 in SAS fleet

(Published 12MAR19)

SAS has no aircraft type Boeing 737 Max 8 in the fleet.

You can find more information regarding the SAS fleet here: