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Fly to Stockholm from London

Stockholm is not just the capital of Sweden, it is 14 islands connected by 57 bridges making up the beautiful city, and in fact the city is so exquisite it has gained the term the “Beauty on the Water”. Every day, SAS offer multiple departures directly from London to Stockholm, making your time SAS’s priority. When you choose to travel with SAS you will gain access to a world of bonuses, get started and book your ticket today.


Direct flights to Stockholm

Outgoing flights from London to Stockholm are departing at regular intervals during the day, every day. On top of a pleasant, fast and cheap flight, SAS offers a variety perks included in your ticket.

Should you need to bring more than carry-on baggage, try SAS Go where you will be able to select a plane ticket with 1 x 23 kg of checked baggage included. 

Discounted flights to Stockholm

If cheap flights to Stockholm are what you are looking for you are in luck, as SAS offers a wide array of discounted flights all year around in the low fare calendar. With continuously updated seats and prices you can save money today just by keeping up with the low fare calendar. Who knows, perhaps you’ll find yourself on flight to Stockholm tomorrow.

It sometimes happens that life gets in the way of our plans, but that shouldn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to be spontaneous. Therefore, if you book an impromptu holiday and you need to cancel SAS offers a 24-hour money back guarantee. This way scheduling another holiday or business trip is no problem, as you will get all your money back. 


The SAS EuroBonus program

When traveling with SAS you become eligible for the EuroBonus program, in which you can earn favourable prices and discounts on hotels, car rental and other travels. This program is for the quality conscious customer who wants their travels to be as seamless, carefree and luxurious as possible, all the while being affordable. Not only is EuroBonus a neat system providing you with wonderful perks, it also rewards you with points the more you travel, meaning you will pay less and less the more you travel. Join EuroBonus today and start earning points!

Read about all the advantages of EuroBonus


Discounts on children’s plane tickets

When traveling with children there are numerous discounts available on many flights, in order to make your travels even more affordable. This way you can spend your money, which would have been otherwise used on plane tickets, on fun and exciting activities with your children, whilst exploring Stockholm’s history. Children below the age of two years get a 90 % discount on their plane ticket, if they share the seat with an adult. Children below the age of 12 get a 25 % discount and a separate seat for themselves.