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Fly to Oslo from London

Did you know that Oslo in Norway is only 15 minutes away from the wilderness? That is how close you are to nature and how stunningly green the country is. It has been ranked one of the best places in the world to live, according to the UN. Norway is magical and today is your chance to partake in that magic and experience the rich and deep-rooted Scandinavian culture for yourself. Hop on a flight from London to Oslo today and save money with SAS.


From London to Oslo in a jiffy

Each day SAS offers many departures to Oslo from London so that you may pick the flight and time best suited to your schedule. Outward-bound flights are pleasant, fast and a great opportunity for you to get some work done, or for you to have a nice moment for yourself or with your family before you land. When flying with SAS an array of perks is included in your ticket:

If you to bring more baggage, SAS has got you covered. With SAS Go you are allowed to bring 1 x 23 kg of checked baggage, which is included in your plane ticket. 


Low-price plane tickets to Oslo

Going to Oslo has never been cheaper or better, discounted plane tickets can be found in the low fare calendar. The low fare calendar is always updating the best offers, seats and prices in order to make sure that you get the best possible bargains for your travels and when travelling. Check out the low fare calendar and you might just find yourself on top of one of the stunning Norwegian mountains or in the middle of bustling Oslo.

The 24-hour money back guarantee is offered by SAS on all plane tickets, so you do not have to worry unnecessarily about cancelling. From time to time it transpires that, for whatever reason, you have to cancel a trip or holiday, and that should come without fear of not getting back your money. This is why SAS has made it possible for you to cancel within the first 24 hours of your purchase.


Earn bonuses when traveling with SAS

When you use the SAS EuroBonus program offered by SAS, you are able to collect points for your future travels, tickets, hotels and car rental. This program is made for your convenience and because SAS believes that if you are a customer you should be rewarded for choosing to spend your valued traveling with SAS. This program is for the quality conscious customer who wants their travels to be as seamless, carefree and luxurious as possible, all the while being affordable. The more you travel the less you pay, making for a perfect stay.

Read about all the advantages of EuroBonus


Huge discounts on tickets for children

When you take your children on a holiday to see the world and to spend some quality time with the family, it is nice to be able to spend your hard-earned money on leisurely activities together. Therefore SAS offers tickets for children at very reduced prices so that you and your family gets the most out of your trip. No need to worry about plane ticket prices for your children when flying with SAS.

Children below the age of two years get a 90 % discount on their plane ticket, if they share the seat with an adult. Children below the age of 12 get a 25 % discount and a separate seat for themselves.