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- bring your own or let us provide it

  • Oxygen and medical equipment necessary for life preservation can be taken on board free of charge.

  • We can also provide medical oxygen from AGA if booked it in advance. Fill in a Medical Information Form (MEDIF) & permission will be granted by the SAS Medical Department.
    Download MEDIF form here

  • Installing supplemental oxygen
    Intercontinental flights €335
    Within Scandinavia/Europe €150
            Prices are per segment & valid only on SAS-operated flights.
  • If you require oxygen to and from your flight or onboard the flight itself, you can bring your own. Oxygen can be taken as checked baggage or cabin baggage.

  • When you bring your own oxygen, make a reservation before the flight & inform SAS Medical Sales of the number of canisters you will carry.

  • The weight of the oxygen tank cannot exceed 5 kg. The tank & any regulator must be shock-absorbent so that it cannot accidentally release the contents in case of a possible impact.

  • Note: Liquid oxygen is not allowed onboard aircraft.


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