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Travel for medical treatment abroad

  • All passengers must satisfy certain general health criteria. Flying can cause stress on the body. For example, air pressure in the cabin is lower than that on the ground, which can result in increased oxygen demand during the flight.

  • Other criteria also apply when you travel to and from medical treatment abroad. Medical treatment, diagnostic intervention, chemotherapy or operation may change one's state of health such that it may be hazardous to fly.

  • All critically ill & cancer patients flying with SAS must fill out a Medical Information Form (MEDIF).
    Download MEDIF here

  • The health status assessment means your doctor must complete a MEDIF to secure advance approval of your flight. A health status assessment before the flight may result in the passenger being refused travel.

  • If a passenger is deemed too ill to fly at the check-in or gate, the captain has the right to refuse the passenger.

  • For general questions about health criteria, contact SAS Customer Contact Center.
    To complete a MEDIF contact SAS Medical.

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