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Baggage tracing

- stay updated about your belongings

Sporing af bagage

  • Delayed baggage is usually found within 24 hours.

  • While you wait for your delayed baggage, we will assist you by providing you with the most essential necessities in the short term, such as toiletries and underwear.

  • If you have reported the baggage delay at the airport, you can search for it with the SAS/WorldTracer Internet baggage tracer below.

  • You will need your baggage reference number, which consists of 5 letters and 5 numbers (for example CPHSK12345). The reference number is not the same as the baggage receipt number.

  • If you include your mobile phone number, when you report your delayed baggage, we will update you by SMS when your baggage is found.

  • Baggage tracing


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