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In recent years. It is possible that the city that never sleeps has calmed down a little in recent years. However, even though the bars close a bit earlier these days, you can still count on finding a party atmosphere at all times of the day and in all situations. Our city guide will help you to find out what's up and what the best tips are from SAS crew and passengers.

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What's up in Madrid

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You're on your way
into marriage but you
want to experience
life alone one more time?

Adventurous Appetites
Authentic 'Madrileno' ambience
first hand on this somehow
different way of going out
for dinner!


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Sunday Market

If you happen to be in
Madrid and you like markets,
every Sunday we have what
we call the rastro (literally
translated as the 'rake'), in
the center of the Spanish
capital, the most genuine
market in town. The best
way to get there is by
metro, stopping at Tirso de
Molina. It is only open in the
mornings, until 2.30 pm, but
why not get the most out
of your visit by staying in
the area or walking to Latina
and sampling some good wine,
accompanied, of course,
by a few of our famous
Patricia, air steward

Casa Labra

What do you eat when
you're in Madrid?
Tabas! Of course!
And the best place
for me is Casa Labra,
I love going there.


Books & coffee

Read a book, grab a coffee,
talk to people, hang out and
enjoy. A great place if not
the best place in Madrid  - for
me anyway!




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Inhabitants: 3,3 Mil
Language: Spanish
Euro (EUR)
Time zone: GMT +1
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