What is required to bring firearms onboard?

  • If you are carrying firearms and ammunition, you must confirm the following:

    • You have a valid firearm license.

    • The weapon is not loaded.

    • Where possible, the weapon has been disassembled and each piece packed in separate bags that are checked in.

    • Ammunition is classified as dangerous goods and must be shipped in its original packaging that protects against strong impact.

    • Ammunition must be packed alongside the vital part of the weapon or in a separate bag that you check in.

    • You can bring up to 5 kg of ammunition with you.

    • You must check in at least two hours before departure to complete the necessary paperwork and security checks. You should also allow additional time for changing flights at other airports. When you arrive at your destination, contact SAS Arrival Service or a management agent to arrange for delivery of your weapon.

  • Carriage of weapons must be requested and approved in advance.

  • Firearms must always be checked in and are subject to additional charges that are paid at the airport.

Request carriage of weapons up to 24 hours before departure using this form. If your flight departs within 24 hours, please call SAS Customer Service. If you've booked your trip via a travel agent, contact the agency for help.

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