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(Updated 05DEC19 18:07 CET)


Runway closure at Bologna (BLQ) airport 16-20SEP20

(Published 05DEC19)

Bologna airport (BLQ) will be closed for operation due runway closure between 16SEP20  and 20SEP20. This will affect our flights between Copenhagen and Bologna (BLQ).  Customers with existing reservations will be rebooked to Malpensa (MXP). 

National General strike in France 05DEC19-08DEC19

(Updated 05DEC19)

A general strike in France affecting transportation and other public service sectors will take place on 05-08 December 2019. There might be significant disruptions to rail, air, and local transportation services. Due to the expected traffic situation, please allow yourself maximum time for your journey towards Charles de Gaulle airport. You can always check your  Flight Status  or view your flight details in  My Bookings using the links on top of this page. 

We are offering our customers travelling to/from/via Paris to voluntary change their reservation 

Rebook your flight 
Is the departure date of your flight to, from or via Paris (CDG) 05 December 2019 and your ticket number starts with 117 issued on/before 02  December 2019 on a SAS operated flight?

Then your new departure date should be not later than 08 December 2019. Please see below options and rules:

Change your travel dates 
You may voluntary change your travel dates to a SAS operated flight to/from/via Paris once.

· You can change your travel dates only if the same service class is available as mentioned in your original ticket.

· You will not have to pay the change fee.

· SAS will not absorb costs such as, but not limited to, accommodation, food and surface transportation for voluntary rebookings.   

How to rebook 
Valid if your flight is not yet cancelled

Log into My Bookings and change your travel dates and/or destination yourself if: 
(you need to change country on the website to the same as where you did your original booking).

· Your flight is with SAS

· Flight is not cancelled

· The departure date of your flight is to/from Paris

· Your ticket number starts with 117

· Your ticket is issued on/before 02 December 2019

· The ticket is purchased on SAS webb, SAS App or SAS Call Center. If you booked via a travel agent or a tour operator, please contact them directly.

· Your journey has not started 

You can rebook to a SAS flight on another date and the same destination if the same service class, as in the original ticket, is available.

· The new date of travel must be no later than 08 December 2019

· The rebooking is free of charge.

· You cannot rebook online if you travelling with a baby, ordered a special meal, are travelling as an   unaccompanied minor, have requested transportation of a wheelchair or pet.

· SAS will not absorb costs such as, but not limited to, accommodation, food and surface/air transportation for voluntary rebookings.

Did you book your ticket via a travel agent or a tour operator? Please contact your travel agent to rebook your flight.

Apply for a refund 
You are entitled to a full refund of your ticket if your flight was cancelled by SAS, or was delayed for more than 3 hours and you did not travel.



New Zealand introducing the New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA) effective 01OCT2019

(Published 26AUG19)

Effective 01OCT2019 the New Zealand Government is introducing the New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA). Visitors from 60 visa waiver countries, transit passengers from 24 transit visa waiver countries, all airlines crew members (except those with Australian or New Zealand citizenship) and Australian Permanent Residents, must hold an NZeTA before they travel to New Zealand.  More information can be found via the New Zealand Immigration website

Apple MacBook Pro batteries onboard

(Published 22AUG19)

A limited number of batteries in Apple 15-inch MacBook Pro devices sold between September 2015 and february 2017 are defective and will
be replaced by Apple.
Passengers should check the Apple support webpage for details, as the faulty devices can only be identified via their serial numbers.
In general lithium batteries that are damaged, defective or recalled are not allowed onboard an airplane

No Boeing 737 Max 8 in SAS fleet

(Published 12MAR19)

SAS has no aircraft type Boeing 737 Max 8 in the fleet.

You can find more information regarding the SAS fleet here: