Program benefits

Take advantage of the benefits of SAS For Business. You get instant discounts on your business trips, access to SAS Travel Pass and industry specific concepts such as Windmill and Marine fares.

Program overview

SAS For Business offers members instant discounts on business trips and easy administration. Once you've joined the program and received your company code you get instant discounts on all destinations included in the program. The discount is applied on the public net fare and varies depending on travel class.

The more you travel, the better discounts you get

The tier levels, SAS For Business Member and SAS For Business Select, set out below depend on your company’s annual spend on SAS products and services. To reach membership Select, a minimum of 1 MSEK needs to be spent yearly. For countries outside of Scandinavia this limit is set to 0,5 MSEK.

SAS Business / SAS Plus


SAS For Business Select



SAS For Business Member



Some exceptions apply, please see the Terms and Conditions.

To companies spending more than 4 MSEK annually (1 MSEK for companies outside of Scandinavia), we offer specific discounts. You will be contacted by SAS when you reach that level.

Network with over 130 destinations

SAS For Business applies to SAS’ extensive network of destinations in Scandinavia and Europe, as well as key business destinations in the US and Asia. You get a discount on all destinations included in the SAS For Business program. Some flights are operated by our partners.

Available destinations (PDF, 57KB)

In our online solution for SAS For Business members you'll get a full overview of your company's trips, easy administration, statistics and direct access to your discounted fares. All free of charge.

If you’re traveling with 10 or more other people on business, you can book as a group with a corporate discount as long as you're traveling to the same destination.

Find out more about corporate groups

SAS Marine fares is a concept available for seamen and offshore personnel traveling to and from seagoing vessels and offshore installations. SAS Windmill fares is available for personnel traveling to and from land-based and offshore Windmill parks. By travelling on SAS Marine or Windmill fares you get flexibility, extra baggage, and possibility to cancel tickets free of charge.

Along with the advantages of our corporate program, you can also benefit from our frequent flyer program, SAS EuroBonus. By buying a travel pass you will also have the possibility to reach a higher EuroBonus membership tier level.

If you have questions about SAS For Business or our corporate products, our Corporate Sales Center are glad to help.

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