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Northern Exposure

Scandinavian adventures at their finest

Let’s face it – there are a lot of reasons to visit any country out there. But when it comes to the Scandinavian region, most of these reasons include the wilderness, glaciers in the north, forests, lakes as well as natural phenomenons such as the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), the Midnight Sun, the polar nights and many others. When in Scandinavia, you have to love the cities, their urban appeal, cleanliness and attractiveness from many angles. Mixing nature with urbanism, there are just too many interesting city destinations which let you take a peek into different cultures. Below, we are listing some of the most interesting ones.

  • They say that the first step towards a new experience is usually the hardest

    • At Scandinavian Airlines, we are here to walk you through the first step of getting to know the Nothern Exposure in its full glory. With daily flights from major locations and cities around the Europe, you can expect the best possible routes and a chance to see this natural phenomenon  even from your window seat.

    Mixing nature with urbanism

    • Go on sledding with the help of reindeers in Tromsø

      Tromsø, Norway
      What seems like a typical Norwegian city is actually a destination for many people interested in dog sledding, watching the Northern Lights, doing safaris with a snowmobile, going on sledding with the help of reindeers and tons of other activities.

      Tromsø is also Norway’s largest island city and a hotspot for many hedonists looking to satisfy their urban cravings in the city’s ships, cafes and bars. There are daily excursions to famous sites, amazing activities that you can experience in this region only and seeing a sky full of green-yellowish lights in an experience that is second to none.

    • Dog sledding in Kirkenes

      Kirkenes, Norway
      If you are a fan of snowmobiling, king crab safaris and husky sledding, Kirkenes should definitely be on your list. Alternatively, you can try something new and go ice fishing or catch giant crabs which can sometimes hold the size of up to 2 meters and weight up to 15 kg.

      With an amazing urban scene, great culinary culture and a range of activities for basically everyone, Kirkenes is a city that mixes the natural beauty of the mountains and fjords with its history and tradition.

    • Visit the IceHotel in Kiruna

      Kiruna, Sweden
      You can enjoy the folksy atmosphere combined with vast tradition and an open-minded approach that is welcome to all visitors in Kiruna. This city is also the location of the well-known Icehotel which lets you sleep in sub-zero temperatures surrounded by ice and cold. 

      Open from December until April, this hotel is known as a world-class attraction. However, besides this, Kiruna is a destination where you can visit Santa and his cosy cottage, surrounded by crisp white snow and a sled ride with reindeers. As such, Kiruna offers all sorts of activities for the family.

    • Fly to Scandinavia with SAS

      Luleå, Sweden
      The capital of the Swedish Lapland and a hotspot for kayaking, river rafting and snow sledding enthusiasts. Lulea is a famous destination for scooter riding, ice fishing, snowshoe tours and everything that is traditional and known for this Swedish city and its culture.

      There are also many motives for great photo shots – one of which is the village of Gammelstad which is unique and known for its distinctive painted red walls, white doors and windows.

      Nothing beats the rhythm and lifestyle of the Scandinavian city hubs and villages. It is easy to see this just like it is easy to see how Scandinavians love to celebrate life – at all times – even the coldest winter months!

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      A sustainable business model

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      New modern aircraft
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