Damaged baggage

If your discover that your checked baggage has been damaged during your flight, you should report it directly at the airport and file a damage report.

Report damaged baggage

If your baggage was damaged during your flight, you must report it directly to the baggage service at the airport. Baggage service will examine the damage and create a damage report, known as a PIR, which documents that the baggage is damaged. You can choose to have a copy of the report sent to you by email or printed as a hard copy. Please keep this report so you can claim compensation from us afterwards.

If the baggage service desk is closed or unattended when you arrive, please take photos of the damage on site and your bag tags for your claim. Please note that you might need to return to the airport to file a damage report within 7 days of your arrival.

SAS is not liable for any preexisting damage, including minor tears, scratches or broken zippers due to overpacking or wear and tear resulting from ordinary handling of the baggage.

If you notice the damage only when you've arrived at your place, you may have to return to the airport within 7 days to file a damage report (PIR report). Contact SAS Customer Service for assistance.

Compensation for damaged baggage

Repair or replace bag

If you're a resident of Scandinavia and your baggage has been damaged during the flight, you can have it repaired or exchanged by Samsonite Bagsupport. You will need to register your bag no later than 7 days after receiving you bag. Please note that you must first have made a damage report (PIR report) at the airport.

If your bag cannot be repaired or replaced

You can apply for compensation on our website if your damaged baggage falls within the criteria below:

  • If Samsonite Baggage Support assessed that the bag cannot be repaired or replaced with a new one

  • You are resident outside Scandinavia

For more information on SAS’ liability in case of damage, please read our Conditions of Carriage article 17.2