If you want to sit together, next to a window or if you’d prefer some extra legroom or if seat selection is not included in your ticket, you can add seat to your booking for a fee.

Good to know

  • The fee for preferred seating varies depending on flight routes and which seat you prefer (front cabin, back cabin, aisle, window, middle seat or extra legroom).

  • If you reserve an extra seat you have to check in at the airport.

  • Extra seat may not be used to store extra baggage.

  • If you are traveling on a flight operated by one of our partners Lufthansa, Swiss, Austrian Airlines or Brussels Airlines, the rules and fees of this airline apply.
    LH (Lufthansa ), LX (Swiss), OS (Austrian Airlines) or SN (Brussels Airlines)

Add seat to your booking

  • Purchase your seat in advance at time of booking or by contacting SAS Customer Service or your travel agency.

  • To add a seat to your booking, get information on which seats are available on your flight and prices – go to My bookings.

Seating options

  • Travelers in SAS Go can purchase a seat in advance for a fee until 30 hours before departure

  • On domestic flights, within Scandinavia and between Scandinavia and Europe, all seats in SAS Go are available for purchase.

  • On flights to / from Asia, Canada and the US, we offer a number of seats per flight for purchase at the time of booking. Prices vary depending on the location of the seats.

  • Everyone who want additional personal space can buy an extra seat in advance.

  • Extra Seat is available on selected flights, from when check in opens up until to 2 hours before departure.

  • Travelers who wants secure additional personal space can buy an Guaranteed Extra seat.

  • If you'd like to book an extra seat beside you, please book your ticket and extra seat at the same time through  SAS Customer Service or your travel agency.