Upgrade your travel class

Make your trip even more comfortable and by upgrading to SAS Plus or SAS Business. We’ve now made it even easier to bid for upgrades, and if you don’t get your upgrade, you can always try to buy one at the airport.

Bid for an upgrade

Upgrade to SAS Plus or SAS Business by placing a bid at My bookings

You can place your bid from the time you book up until 6 hours before departure on flights to North America and Asia and up to 25 hours before departure on domestic and European flights. The minimum bid depends on the flight.

How to place a bid

  1. Choose travel class to upgrade to, SAS Plus or SAS Business.

  2. Choose payment option, pay with credit card or using points.

  3. Enter a bid per traveler and confirm your bid.

  4. Enter your payment details, review and post your bid.

What happens next?

We’ll review your bid and you’ll be notified by email of whether your upgrade bid was accepted or not, between 25 and 6 hours before departure.

Upgrade confirmed

If your upgrade is confirmed, your credit card will be charged/points will be deducted from your EuroBonus account and you will receive an upgraded boarding pass when you check in.

If you're a SAS EuroBonus Diamond-, Gold- or Silver member, we’ll recognize your status by up-weighting your SAS Upgrade offer, so you’ll have an even greater chance of getting your SAS Upgrade.

Upgrade not accepted, rejected or failed

If your bid is not accepted, rejected or failed, you won’t need to do anything – you’ll keep your original seat/service class, and you won't be charged/no points will be deducted from your EuroBonus account.

Upgrade with points or money

You can pay for an upgrade using EuroBonus points or credit card.

  • If you win a bid paid with a credit card, you'll earn additional Basic points on top of the points you will earn based on your original booking class. The number of points earned is based on destination and upgraded travel class.

  • If you have paid the bid with points, no additional EuroBonus points will be earned for your Upgrade.

  • Regardless of payment option, you still earn points on your original ticket/booking class.

If you don't get the upgrade you want with SAS Upgrade or decided on an upgrade at short notice, then you can buy a last-minute upgrade at the airport. To check if an upgrade is available on your flight, contact our staff at the check-in counter or at the gate who can advise you of the current availability and price.

  • Upgrade at the airport can be obtained if there's enough room in the preferred travel class on your flight.

  • Valid for flights to/from Asia, and the US

  • You pay your upgrade with credit card or with points. Upgrades bought at the gate in cash or points will not give you additional points.

  • Not eligible if you have ordered or prepaid a special meal.

Enjoy all the comfort and other benefits of a higher cabin class, Fast Track, lounge access, complimentary food and beverages and much more.

SAS Plus

  • Speed through security with Fast Track where available.

  • Free access to our SAS Lounges where available.

  • Wider, more comfortable seats with extra legroom, to/from Asia, and the US.

  • Complimentary food and beverages onboard.

More about SAS Plus

SAS Business

  • Speed through security with Fast Track where available.

  • Free access to our SAS Lounges where available.

  • A delicious three-course meal and a wide selection of beverages, fruit, and snacks throughout the flight.

  • Highest level of comfort in a massage seat that easily converts into a fully flat bed.

  • Complimentary comfort kit to freshen up.

  • Free WiFi when available.

More about SAS Business

  • Travelers holding a group booking, a travel industry discount fares or flying on a SAS charter flight, cannot apply for or buy Upgrades.

  • Travelers with pet in cabin cannot apply for or buy Upgrades to SAS Business.

  • The baggage allowance in your original ticket applies if you are upgraded. Applies to all travelers including EuroBonus members.

  • No accrual of EuroBonus points if you have paid your upgrade with points.

  • Travel extras previously purchased will not be reimbursed if you receive an upgrade.

  • If a meal is pre-ordered and an Upgrade is granted or bought, the ordinary meal service of the new service class will be served instead of the pre-ordered meal. The pre-order meal will not be refunded.

  • If you are checked in and your upgrade is confirmed, the upgrade will be cancelled if you cancel the check-in. The upgrade will then be non-refundable.

  • Travelers holding a Travel Pass booking cannot apply for or buy Upgrades.

For more detailed information read our Terms & conditions