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Happy Holidays!

21 DEC 2018

Another year has passed and we look back on it with so much joy. We are constantly working on fine-tuning the user experience through cross-functional collaborations and with agile processes to create synergies between developers, designers and testers in order to constantly learn and grow. Just during the last few months, we have released a lot of features, with the help from all of you. Thanks to your feedback and participation in user testing, we have taken ideas and inspiration and created tangible changes.

We are proud to have improved the booking flow: you can now buy lounge access as well as preorder premium menus on long haul flights directly in the booking flow.

We have also slowly, but surely worked on the Information Architecture on the site. We started AB-testing the new menus on the startpage on the Finnish market, and went live on all markets after positive feedback. AB-testing is an important part of our work and continuous improvement.

To get even more creative, we hosted a Hackathon, dividing the group of participants into two categories; “Make time matter” and “Connected flights”. The teams then had 24 hours to take their best ideas and create prototypes to present to a jury consisting of SAS staff and invited guests from Swedavia, Volvo Mobility, TCS, Sogeti and Capgemini. The winners of the Hackathon were part of the “Make time matter”-team. They won with conceptualization of a health and wellness related chatbot service providing support and tips to travelers to deal with fear of flying, staying hydrated and avoiding jet lags. In the second category “Connected Flights”, the runner-up team came up with an app module where passengers of a specific flight are offered the possibility to connect with each other while airborne, for example sharing a taxi from the airport they will land at. The creative solutions will take the two teams all the way to San Francisco as this was the first prize of HAX 2018. Keep your eyes open for our next Hackathon!


Keeping our Eurobonus members in mind, we also launched the complete booking flow for Star Alliance award trips this fall. EuroBonus members can now use their EuroBonus points to book award flights online on any of the 28 Star Alliance member airlines - including using American Express vouchers. A great step towards making it easier for our members to use their points to destinations around the globe.

We have tons of plans for improvements as well as new development in 2019, so stay tuned here!

Happy Holidays!

Making life easier for price-hunters

17 DEC 2018

We are constantly working on making the user experience crisp for you and one of the key factors in purchasing a trip is the price. For a long time our Low Fare Calendar has provided a quick overview of prices and destinations on one page, with filtering options for price, outbound city and area of the world that you want to travel to.


After receiving a lot of insight and feedback from you, our users, we realized we can make this calendar easier to use on mobile phones. Therefore, we have given some attention to the Low Fare Calendar and created a more interactive module. Since we love A/B testing we decided to test the new functionality for 50% of the Swedish and Norwegian markets, in order to truly base our decisions on data and direct feedback.

We have decreased the number of months in order for you to navigate better, especially on mobile phones. We have highlighted the “from” and “to” fields which makes them easier for the eyes to locate.

But the best part is that you now can also choose to see the destinations on a map! Clicking on the map button will take you to a map integration where you will see the various destination cities that are available from your chosen departure airport as well as the corresponding low fare. There you can also filter on price and month of the departure.


We suggest that you check out our new Low Fare Calendar Under Book > Low Fare Calendar. You might be one of the lucky 50% that get to experience the new version!


User-designed meals

01 NOV 2018

Functionality and design are always foremost when we develop new features and products for the SAS websites. This time we focused on meals. As you might know, we have recently given SAS Go travelers the chance to upgrade their dining experience by preordering premium menus on long haul flights. We want to personalize your experience both online and onboard, therefore we want to give you the option to choose your experience yourself. Before launching this new option, great love and detail was put into the design.

Our design team started by sketching out several different design and interaction options for the look and feel in the booking flow. In order to move forward and improve these ideas, they performed guerilla testing (qualitative user testing with five people in order to quickly find usability issues) with both experienced and unexperienced SAS website users. After receiving valuable feedback from the users, our design team changed some interaction patterns and chose two designs to be developed further.

The design team made high-fidelity interactive prototypes and performed qualitative interviews with ten users in order to get deeper insights into what works and inspires them when choosing food options for their trips. The majority of the participants preferred the more visual option, where they could see pictures of each meal and choose to read more about a meal if they wanted. This put a lot of focus on creating well-thought-out, inspiring food images which resulted in a food photography session where our designers participated.

The result is now in production and we'd love to hear your opinion. Tell us:


Lounge Away!

20 OCT 2018

We are happy to introduce a longed-for feature on our site! Now you can book your lounge visit while you are booking your tickets. Previously, you could only get your lounge access when checking in, 24 hours or less before your flight. If you forgot to add lounge access while booking your tickets you may add it on the manage my booking page . You can book a lounge visit for your departure and transit airports where SAS lounges are offered. Our lounges are places to relax, connect to WIFI, work, or watch a movie before your flight or in between your flights. Services vary depending on the type of lounge, but some amenities that may be included are beverages and self-service buffets . The Oslo lounge, for example, offers a fitness center, guest offices, phone rooms and more.

We added this feature to make it easier for you to find our extra services. Adding a lounge visit while booking your flights eliminates an extra step for you and we hope that your experience while booking your flights and preparing for your trip is smoother for every website enhancement we make.


Making life mega easy

20 SEP 2018

Making life easier for our travelers is important, even when browsing our website. We recently performed extensive user testing and collected valuable feedback from our users which made us realize we need to make the site’s page and menu structure more intuitive and make valuable information easier to find. We want it to be easy for you to find all information they need before and after they have booked their trip. We also made sure to get input from our Customer Care team in order to understand what type of difficulties or obstacles that our users commonly encounter in order to find a solution.

Our awesome design team together with our even more awesome users sketched out a proposal for how to improve the information flow and how to help you find information more quickly, for example how to find baggage allowance. This resulted in the design of a new “mega” menu, a menu containing many links structured in a manner which we believe makes it easy for users to find the information they need. From there, we went out and tested the new mega menu first on the Finnish market and then on the Swedish market to see if it improved the user experience. Now that we have collected both quantitative and qualitive data and responses, we concluded that the new design works better!

Now when you visit SAS.xx, you can see that we have launched the new menus, removed the burger menu and added mega menus that instantly help you find the information you are searching for. The market and language selector have been moved down to the footer since users expect that it is there. We hope that this redesign will help you all to navigate more smoothly on our site and we are continuously working on improvements.


11 JUL 2018

After an intensive half-year here at SAS Digital, we’re definitely ready for the summer holidays. And we hope that our travelers also have great vacations planned with us and our partners.

There are many milestones to celebrate so far this year, the biggest of which is probably bringing 19 more of our markets onto our new digital platform. Now travelers around the world can now enjoy the same fast, easy and seamless booking experience, making travel and life a lot easier.

In May, we also launched our highly-anticipated and astonishingly fast WiFi onboard, allowing travelers to use our portal, surf and stream films at speeds equal to what they enjoy on the ground.

We also redesigned our entire mobile and web booking experience. Booking and managing travel on our sites is now smoother and easier in all of our digital channels, making it easy for people to manage their travel wherever they are.

We managed to make the top 5 list in the Travel category in Internet World’s annual top 100, the most prestigious award for websites in Sweden, in February. We know from user feedback that our travelers are happy with our improved digital solutions. But this is further proof that they’re relevant and appreciated by the market as a whole.

“We’re very happy that we have now launched faster more usable sites that also are and accessible for everyone.
And we’ve done it by building up and strengthening our team, adapting more agile working methods and at the same time substantially improved the quality and the architecture of our digital platform. This is the foundation for our ambition to have the best digital presence by 2020,"
says Mats O Eklund, VP BCIO Commercial IT & Digital development

“Our focused development going forward will create a digital customer experience where our customers always will feel in control, cared about and connected throughout the journey with us,” he continues.

And with that, we’d like to wish everyone a safe and relaxing summer holiday. We’ll be back here in August!

Managing travel just got a whole lot easier

03 JUL 2018

As part of redesigning the booking flow on our site, we’ve launched a new Manage my booking page that improves virtually every element on our old site. The result is a cleaner, clearer overview of your trip that makes managing travel all that much easier.

Naturally, as a service provider, customer experience is a priority for us. We’re always looking for ways to enhance our travelers’ meaningful time.

This means anticipating and reducing every possible moment of hesitation or confusion that travelers encounter with us. It involves giving people the tools they need to customize their trips. Offering solutions that make travel smooth and hassle-free. And personalizing the experience so people feel seen and taken care of. And this is exactly what we had in mind as we set out to redesign our Manage my booking page.


We asked customers of all kinds, from our frequent travelers and EuroBonus members at all levels to once-a-year sunseekers, about how they experienced our old site. What information did they want and more importantly, where did they expect to find it?

Exhaustive user testing was carried out to make sure that the new solution had a logical structure based on a logical grouping of elements.

Now, travelers can get a clearer overview of their trip on one page with a much cleaner design. Banners have been replaced by links and you no longer need to scroll horizontally to see your entire trip. It’s also much easier to add bags, meals and lounge access without leaving the page. Each of these sites has also been redesigned to be more user-friendly and attractive.

Rebooking, canceling or changing your flight is also easier. And you can download or email your boarding pass, which is highly-appreciated by travelers.

Another welcome addition is personalized information on topics from special baggage and check-in to traveling with a group – all displayed clearly. Offers from hotel and car rental partners are still there as well, with deals are customized to your destination.

Another huge improvement is that now, every time something happens that affects your trip – from being notified by email that check-in has opened or that you’ve been waitlisted to information that your trip has been canceled – you can click on a link and immediately see the information clearly at the top of the Manage my booking page. These dynamic notifications make it easier to get an overview of what’s happened and act on the information.

“Uncertainty is one of least desirable feelings a traveler wants to have. This is why we’re working hard to improve many touchpoints to reduce moments of hesitation. Our new Manage my booking site is now the go-to place for getting information and making your trip even better – and the next step in becoming a travel buddy every step of the way,” says Anders Hedegard, Senior Visual Designer at SAS.

Going forward, we will introduce personalized banners, which means that you’ll only see information relevant to your trip about baggage, wifi, lounge access and partner services among other things.

So let us know what you think – and enjoy a smoother and easier way to manage your travel.

All aboard! SAS launches new website in 19 international markets

20 JUN 2018

It’s happened! We’ve launched our new website in all of our markets, bringing an easier and more aesthetically pleasing booking experience to travelers around the world.

From today, all 23 of our markets are now on the same platform. Seven of them are localized, meaning that content is available in both English and one or more of the local languages.

Travelers in China, Russia, Japan, Spain, France and Germany can manage their travel in English or Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, French and German – depending on where they are, of course. And our Swiss customers can choose French or German as well.

It’s wonderful to welcome all of our markets to our new platform. Naturally, we’re proud of our successful results and we have great expectations for the future. The sites are responsive and mobile-friendly, making it easier for us to meet the demands of our travelers,” says Ulrika Hallberg, Senior Digital Content Manager and member of the digital site migration project..

A huge thanks to our loyal travelers – all of you who have been with us on our digitization journey these past months. You’ve celebrated our achievements, helped us make improvements and guided us in our redesign process. We hope you’ll continue giving us feedback and participating in our critical user testing. Without you, our digital solutions wouldn’t be what they are today.

Today’s launch is a significant milestone for us, but there’s no time to rest. On the road ahead, there are new solutions and services that we’re developing to make air travel – and life – easier and more joyful.

The fact that we now have all our websites on one technical platform will create great opportunities to deliver an enhanced experience faster going forward,” says Maria Alfredeén, Head of Digital Development.

Taking user testing to the skies: SAS travelers try out SAS WiFi onboard

22 MAY 2018

This month, SAS will introduce its cutting-edge onboard WiFi solution on flights in the Nordic countries and Europe, offering travelers more ways to spend their valuable time. And to ensure that everything runs smoothly after the launch, two SAS designers joined travelers on joyful test flights from Copenhagen to Milan and back where everyone got to try SAS WiFi free.

SAS has teamed up with Viasat, a communications company based in California, to provide super- high-speed WiFi onboard its aircraft. While most communication companies offering inflight WiFi lease capacity from satellite companies, Viasat has its own satellites so it can offer much faster internet speeds. The result is service at par with what you enjoy on the ground.

SAS has already started the roll out and WiFi is installed in 28 aircraft. By end of the year, there will be around 50 aircraft in service. We expect to be ready in 2020 with a total of 83 planes. WiFi will be available for free to travelers in SAS Plus as well as EuroBonus Gold and Diamond members. In SAS Go, SAS WiFi will cost 49 SEK.

You can connect to SAS WiFi as soon as the plane starts moving and stay online right up until landing. Then just surf the internet and stream films, series and documentaries without a glitch from your own account or by signing up for a Netflix account (you’ll get the first month free. Nice.)

SAS WiFi can be used on more than one device, but not on two devices at a time. It is easy to switch between devices and of course, you can keep your devices alive the whole trip with the USB port provided at your seat.

Whenever we deploy a solution, we’re always most interested in what our travelers think. So how did SAS WiFi perform when put it to the test?

Our “walk the aisle” user tests aboard CPH-MXP aimed to look at how people connected and interview travelers about their general impression and experience so we can make any improvements needed.

Apart from being pleasantly surprised that they were able to surf free, travelers were overwhelmingly positive in their comments.

In general, they felt that the connection flow was intuitive, clear and smooth to and that it was easy understand how SAS WiFi works. As people often do when they find WiFi, many people first got caught up in social media. Others spent time in more, um, productive ways. One traveler said, “This is great! Now I can stay connected and be available for work.”

Above all, the high speed of SAS WiFi was appreciated. As one traveler said, “I’ve tried WiFi on other flights, but it’s never been this good.”

So stay tuned as we roll out SAS WiFi onboard. And look for it on your next short-haul flight!




27 APR 2018


Booking trips on SAS just got a whole lot smoother now that we’ve launched our redesigned travelers’ page. It’s now easier to create an account or join EuroBonus and log in during this step thanks to a more visible widget.

The confirmation page also saw improvements both visually and in terms of user-friendliness. The page is now more comprehensive and it’s simpler to find the information you need after you book. There are also links where you can add niceties like lounge access, seats, bags and meals – we know true travelers love to get comfy and enjoy the ride. Not only that, you can more easily see that your payment was successful and get a clear overview of everything that’s included.

Another new feature that we’re sure will be appreciated is that guardians can now book Youth tickets for travelers between age 12 and 25, removing a lot of planning and booking headaches. Earlier, these travelers (or an adult making the booking) had to log in separately into their special youth accounts to take advantage of these exceptionally low-priced fares.

All of this is thanks to the many user tests we conducted to see what our travelers thought of these pages. These findings helped us create the most user-friendly design possible, we think. We hope you’ll like it too.

We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our designs and the user experience to make interacting with SAS as delightful as we can. If you’d like to participate in user testing for the solutions we’re developing, just contact us at


New site launched today

5 APR 2018


Early this morning, we launched our new digital platform and responsive website for the Finnish market. And after verifying functionality and links on the site, we’re happy to report that everything is working as planned.

Travelers will notice many improvements compared with the old site. The overall customer experience is much more coherent and travelers will now enjoy the same functionality as on our Swedish, Norwegian and Danish sites.

While there may still be a few instances where users could be redirected to the old site, we’re working to incorporate these into the new site as soon as possible.

Finland is the first of our international markets to go live with the new site. The rest of the sites will follow in June.

“Since we will migrate our remaining international markets to the new site in one big bang, Finland was our pilot project. This cutover was even smoother than expected thanks to the great focus and efforts of our team here at SAS, says Ulrika Hallberg, Senior Digital Content Manager and member of the digital site migration project.

“Now we’re really looking forward to a great cutover for our other markets in June.” 


SAS named one of top 5 travel websites in Sweden by Internet World

16 MAR 2018


Last week, SAS was among the top 5 websites named in the “Travel” category of Internet World’s annual top 100, the most prestigious award for websites in Sweden. Other companies sharing the coveted top 5 positions were SJ, Scandic, Ving and TUI. 

The designation is thanks to our constant work to design better experiences for web and mobile. Our travelers begin their trips in the mobile arena, which is why it’s so important to provide a user-friendly solution that allows them to get inspired, book trips and manage their travel digitally.

“In the last months, we’ve released a new start page and upsell page. And we’ll soon finalize the redesign of our Scandinavian and international sites.  We’ve honed our technology so the loading times are three times faster, we’ve improved quality and consistency, and we have a number of releases coming up in the next few weeks, says Mats O. Eklund, Vice President Commercial IT & Digital Development.

In its reasons behind the ranking, Internet World stated, “SAS received a great deal of criticism when it launched its new website at the beginning of 2017. But the company has overcome its growing pains and we’re now seeing a focused booking page that makes it easy to find and book trips on a desktop or mobile device. Their app also allows members to use NFC technology on phones to get bag tags, pass through security and board flights seamlessly.”

“We’ve carried out major IT upgrades in the last few years to build a modern platform that will enable smart digital solutions for our travelers in the future,” says Eklund.

“Joining the ranks of Sweden’s best travel sites shows that by focusing on achieving our clear target to make life easier for Scandinavia’s frequent travelers, we can deliver outstanding results.” 

Last week was stellar for SAS for other reasons, too. SAS was also named top airline in the Nordics in Google’s recent survey that reviewed the usability and speed of hundreds of the most visited mobile sites.

SAS was ranked third in the “Travel” category and also named “Best in Class” in the “Product Pages” category.

About 88 percent of Swedes access the internet via smartphone, with 77 percent using mobile devices at least as much as their computers. The Google survey looked at about 500 European sites to rank the top 10 sites in the travel and retail industries in the Nordic region.


21 FEB 2018

At SAS, we’re committed to making travel easier and smoother for our frequent travelers across the entire travel ribbon. A lot of this has to do with eliminating pain points, such as understanding fare structures, optimizing time spent at airports and getting accurate information about potential flight delays.

Especially in the digital area, we are working hard to make our travelers experience as smooth as possible. Here, SAS Digital’s team of talented UX and visual designers is working on analyzing, simplifying and iterating designs for our website and other digital touch points.

User experience (UX) design is about creating digital and physical products that are meaningful, easy to use and delightful to interact with. It looks at the processes people go through to form their opinion of a product – what it will do for them, how they’ll use it and how it will look or feel, or sometimes even sound, smell or taste.

Good UX design happens when design is based on user needs. Essentially, this involves looking at the why, what and how of using a product.

The why is, of course, the reason for choosing the product in the first place. Perhaps the user wants to carry out a task or solve a problem – in SAS’ case, it could be e.g. booking a flight. Sometimes, it’s about communicating values that users associated with owning or using a product. Think about what it signals to own the latest iPhone, for example, rather than a cheaper option.

The what looks at how the product functions – what you can actually do with it.

And the how is the way the functionality is designed. Is it accessible, easy to use and aesthetically pleasing? In our sample, is it fast and easy to book a trip on our website?

When it comes to UX design, there is no one-size-fits-all. This is why from the very beginning, we try to get on the same page as our travelers, finding out who they are and what they need. Understanding the why, in other words.

We do this by interviewing people and gain insights on how they use the site today, what they think works well and how they’d like it to evolve. At the same time, we’re also benchmarking competition and other businesses with similar challenges.

Next, we analyze findings and brainstorm solutions. Using a number of methods such as personas (composite archetypes based on behavioral patterns), we create initial designs, or the what, to test with users.

In practical terms, this involves sketching out an interaction framework called a wireframe, a structure of screen layouts based on a product flow and user behavior. This is then translated into a digital prototype.

The next step is to test the design on users – or look at the how.

We run user tests with digital prototypes in workshops where we ask people to perform various tasks. Any issues or problems faced by users are recorded and taken forward to the next design iteration.

We believe in agile ways of working, so we never think we have a finished product. Instead, we always try to work on improving and updating it.

As Alecio Calixto, Lead Digital Designer consultant from Designit, explains, “Design is an iterative process. There is no right or wrong, only room for improvement.”

For example, the team recently ran an information architecture project to see if we were structuring information in a usable way on the site. We began by talking to users to understand the way they wanted information to be grouped and presented.

Then we started mapping our current site and looking at customer feedback. In the next step we ran a card sorting workshop with a variety of EuroBonus members to understand what they thought of the way the information was currently presented.

brainstomiing exercise

Based on the feedback we received from the card sorting, the customer support analysis and the results from the competitive analysis, we create different UX prototypes that we used for “guerrilla testing” – showing and testing the design to people on the street to gather feedback.

Using the results from the guerrilla tests, we tweaked the UX and visual design accordingly. And we will continue testing as we make changes.

In our digital design process, we are focusing on scientific research, or design with data, and user testing to deliver experiences that matter. We’re testing users’ perceptions of each change before implementing solutions. In short, we use data and a structured approach – validating the user experience.

Last fall we implemented the next iteration of our start page, which enabled us to make flight searches faster and easier by simplifying navigation and creating a seamless experience between desktop and mobile. Replacing the “isolation mode” with a “focus mode” has allowed users to perform all actions without losing context, and the new search function on the upsell page now more naturally mirrors user needs. Based on all insights and data collected we continue to iterate designs and improve the overall experience our travelers have in SAS’ digital channels.

sas homepage

If you are living in the Stockholm area and would like to try out SAS’ new features and solutions, join one of our tests by getting in touch with us at

Thanks for helping out!


21 DEC 2017

A couple weeks ago, SAS held its first hackathon together with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), the global leader in IT services that has been helping SAS build its new digital platform.

A hackathon is a sprint-like event where programmers, developers, interface designers and other tecchies come together, form teams around a problem or idea and code unique solutions from scratch. The goal is usually to create a prototype for a website, app or robot.

“Hackathon” is a portmanteau of the words “hack” and “marathon.” In this context, it’s a reference to hacking as a type of exploratory programming.

These coding events typically start with a presentation about a specific subject or challenge. Participants form teams based on their interests and skills. Then the fun begins, lasting anywhere from a few hours to several days. At longer hackathons, people live together informally, surviving on pizza, energy drinks and other sources of caffeine. Sometimes, they even sleep onsite in sleeping bags.

In the last couple of years, hackathons have become increasingly popular. Notable examples include the GroupMe “hack,” a group messaging app that Skype bought for more than $50 million, and the Facebook “Like” button and Chat, both of which were first demoed at hackathons.

At SAS’ hackathon, 90 developers collaborating on 30 teams came together at a 48-hour round-the-clock event held at TCS’ office in Chennai, India. Participants included data specialists from a number of TCS’ airline teams and their colleagues working remotely at SAS’ headquarters in Frösundavik, Stockholm.

SAS is constantly looking for ways to make the lives of Scandinavia’s travelers easier. It’s no surprise, then, that the theme of the hackathon was how to improve the travel experience.   

Participants were asked to use SAS’ D360 APIs (application programming interfaces) – the building blocks used to create the software that runs SAS’ programs and digital platform – to address one of the challenges in the travel ribbon.

These involved issues related to booking, ancillaries, self-service, disruptions, onboard and arrival services as well as SAS’ true traveler community, which is based on SAS’ EuroBonus platform. All channels were included – everything from SAS’ website and app to social media, the chatbot and virtual reality. APIs from TripAdvisor, Airbnb, Moov, Expedia, Copenhagen Airport and Amadeus could also be used.

As time ran out, participants demoed their solutions to a jury made up of representatives from SAS IT management and TCS.

One noteworthy prototype was a group booking solution called Payless that is based on recruiting others to travel with you in a group to enjoy cheaper fares. Impressively, it even had its own booking flow and engine.

Other innovations included an immersive virtual reality app for searching for and exploring destinations as well as social media solutions allowing travelers to bid for upgrades or sell their seats through online auctions.

One team also developed a baggage-tracking interface to locate luggage at any location on the planet using bag tags – a solution that is extremely interesting to SAS from a business perspective.

“This hackathon was made possible thanks to the digital transformation that SAS has carried out. It truly demonstrates the power of using APIs and how fast we can actually prototype ideas integrated with real data through them,” says Massimo Pascotto, Head of Innovation and Digital Solutions.

“Hackathons are a great way to allow creatives with diverse backgrounds to work together to solve problems. In a very short time, you can get a wide range of ideas that you can use to drive your innovation development forward,” he continues.

Redesigned SAS website is now live

27 NOV 2017

You’ve probably noticed that our redesigned website is live. In the past few months, we’ve listened to customer feedback and enhanced many features and services. And now we’d like to provide an update on the status of the site as well as a glimpse of the road ahead.

The new site includes many concrete improvements. The design is more functional and booking is faster and more straightforward. Response times are shorter and overall performance is much better. Customers can now enjoy an improved mobile experience and a generally smoother flow when booking.  

The launch started on 18 October, with gradual implementations over 6 days across all geographies to ensure quality and performance. The feedback we’ve gotten so far is that the improvements we’ve made are noticeable and very much appreciated. But there’s still more to do. 

With a new web release every two weeks, we are continuing our development work with full force. This includes improving the way users can manage their travel, book travel extras, handle their bookings, manage their profiles and take advantage of relevant offers.

Ensuring full universal design of the website is also critical – both from a customer and business perspective. Expanding keyboard navigation and adjusting color contrasts, for example, are enhancements we look forward to releasing very soon. 

SAS is by no means done with its digital journey. We’ll continue building on our digital solutions and constantly improve the booking experience for our travelers.

Got feedback? Let us know
We value our travelers’ feedback. It helps us to continuously improve and stay relevant. If you have input or ideas regarding sas.xx, please feel free to share it with us at 

calendar view
upsell view


18 OCT 2017

When it comes to developing digital solutions, we’re always working to make the end-to-end travel experience smoother, less stressful and more personalized. And now we’ve put more options and information directly into our travelers’ hands. Literally. 

The most recent release of our award-winning SAS App (2.26) now includes new features designed to help keep you organized and save time.   

First up, you can now add all of your trips to your calendar automatically. Book in the app or add a booking manually and it will be added to the calendar you’ve selected. Just go to Settings or Add trips to calendar to activate.  

You can also now select your seat, add bags and pre-order inflight meals (including lifestyle-inspired meals) under Trip details. Managing your trip and making it more comfortable – especially on the go – has never been so easy. Or delicious thanks to our new Scandinavian-inspired inflight concept and menu.

There are many other ways that the SAS App offers a great deal of convenience at the tap of a smartphone. 

You can book or change flights, check in and get the latest flight information and travel alerts. Book parking at the airport in Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo. And see when trains are departing from these airports – you’ll get a notification when the next train is leaving when you land. And if you’re traveling from Oslo, you can use the app to book a spot in the gym or a relaxing massage in the new SAS Lounge.

Travelers can also download newspapers, magazines and our travel and lifestyle magazine, Scandinavian Traveler, from 22 hours before departure. 

Going forward, there’s a lot more we’ll be adding to the app to make travel and life easier.

With solutions that harness real-time data, you’ll receive more relevant information spanning the entire travel experience. Updates on weather, flight status and airport shopping will go a long way in helping you feel more engaged and in control of your trip.    

Navigating the airport will be simpler with a map solution that guides you to our lounges and your departure gate. Tax free shopping will be more convenient – just place your order in the app and pick up your purchases at the airport. And soon you’ll be able to get your bag tags in the app and eventually track checked baggage from your mobile device.  

We’re also working on new solutions to make your inflight experience even better. 

You can already use the SAS App to manage your travel wherever you are. And with SAS WiFi soon enabled on almost all of our aircraft, you can even do it while in the air. So if you miss a connection, you can immediately rebook a different flight and download a new boarding pass before you even land. We’re also planning to make the SAS App your one-stop shop for making in-air purchases such as meals and refreshments

“Our travelers are increasingly expecting cross-platform integration and a consistent, streamlined experience,” says Henrik Ebeling, Project Manager for SAS Mobile Solutions at SAS. 

“Making it possible to synch your calendar with your itinerary and buy travel extras in the app are just part of making life easier for our travelers at every step of their journey.”


sas app
sas app - travel extras
sas app details


3 OCT 2017

If you’ve traveled to Oslo Airport in the last few weeks, we hope you’ve had a chance to try the new domestic SAS Lounge – our next generation flagship lounge. At its grand opening on 13 September, SAS Labs also launched a new interface to power a digital True Traveler wall designed to make us all feel more a part of the community of travelers.

The True Traveler wall displays real-time travel data. This includes the number of km we’ve flown in relation to traveling to Mars (almost there and back twice in one year), how many bags we’ve carried this month, how many EuroBonus members are traveling and the weather at locations around the world. You can also view our Instagram feed and check graphs that show what flights are boarding and how complete boarding is, making it a lot easier to manage your time.

The wall also presents many fun facts about consumption in the lounge (in case you were wondering how many kg of porridge our guests eat).

The left-hand side of the screen is dedicated to everything in the lounge that makes your experience better – from delicious meals, organic wines and premium juices to specialty coffees made by our in-house barista.

You can also get up-to-date information from the in-lounge spa and gym so you can go for a massage or energize yourself with a workout. Just book a time in the SAS App.

Going forward, we’re excited about new features in the pipeline. Like a news feed and more data such as the number of travelers on award flights, the EuroBonus members at our top destinations and our planes in the air. You’ll also be able to cheer for your favorite team as we project sporting events and the Olympics. Or why not pair your phone with the screen to display your own data?

If you’d like to discover more high-tech solutions, you can also test the latest gadgets and technology at our innovation hub and even create your own avatar by doing a full 3D body scan of yourself. And soon you’ll be able to 3D print it as well.


sas lounge oslo

We hope that you’ve been enjoying the fall weather — or maybe you’ve traveled with us to a warmer place. 

28 SEP 2017

Here at SAS, we’ve been working hard to make your online experience with us the best it can be. And now we’re launching two great new features that will make booking trips — and life — a lot easier.

As a EuroBonus member or traveler with a SAS profile, you can now save your credit card details when you book (on the payment page) or in your profile settings. This will make booking your next trip a whole lot easier. And you’ll never have to enter your credit card number again.

You’ll also be able to add advanced passenger information (API) if you’re traveling to countries with this requirement. In other words, now you can do everything in one place.

Best wishes,
SAS Digital Team

Happy summer!

22 JUN 2017

It’s almost Midsummer here in Sweden and the SAS Development Blog will take a break over the summer holidays. Our digital experts, though, will continue working hard to enhance our sites and develop new features that make your travel experience on SAS even better.

After the summer, for example, you’ll be able to save your credit card details in your profile. You’ll also be able to save flight searches, making travel planning a lot easier.

As you embark on your travels during the holidays, we hope that you’ll enjoy the many new features we’ve added in the last months. Be well and stay safe!

Many summery wishes,
SAS Digital Team


19 JUN 2017

Last week, we released a new profile that makes it easier for everyone – EuroBonus and non-EuroBonus members alike – to manage their travel on our sites. You can book trips much faster, for one thing. And it’s simple to set up.

First, the time saving. With all of your personal details saved in your profile, you can book trips in just a few clicks. Later, just log in to access your bookings and travel history or find receipts.  

As we get to know you, you’ll also get highly personalized offers through banners in internal channels, external media and via emails – all based on your interests so you’ll enjoy the right offers at the right time. You can also sign up for travel tips and offers so you’ll be the first to hear about the latest news and specials. 


Add EuroBonus or Travel Pass to your profile

As a EuroBonus member or SAS Travel Pass customer, you can connect your account to your profile and manage everything easily in one place. And if you’re not a EuroBonus member, it’s simple to join and make your travel more rewarding.

If you join EuroBonus, you’ll earn points when you travel and on your everyday activities (if you opt for a SAS EuroBonus credit card). With so many ways to earn points, you'll soon have enough to spend on all of the travel things you love including award flights, hotels, car rentals and upgrades.

Our most frequent travelers also enjoy extra benefits based on their tier levels. For instance, they can earn more points, get a head start on point discounts, check in extra bags, speed through security, relax in our lounges, enjoy free WiFi onboard and much more.  

Creating a profile is simple 

Just click on Sign up in the top right corner of the site and then enter your name, email address and a password. Once you’ve set up your profile, you can log in with your email, username or EuroBonus or Travel Pass number. 

New flight plus hotel service 

Another enhancement in this release is our new flight + hotel service (in partnership with Apollo) that will make booking your entire trip even smoother. Look for it on the start page and enjoy how easy it is to arrange everything in one place.

This is just the first version of our new profile. We’ll be adding new features all the time to personalize your travel experience and make your life easier. So why not create your profile today?  

New! Book with points on our new sites

22 MAY 2017

Last weekend, we updated EuroBonus by moving it to a new system — an important step in our work to make membership and benefits even better for our 4.7-million strong community of travelers. And this week’s release will also make EuroBonus members happy since we’ve made booking flight awards smoother by adding booking with points to our booking flow.  

This means that you will no longer be directed to our old site when you use points to book trips, making booking a lot faster — not to mention easier on the eye. And it’s now simpler to switch between paying with cash and points.

Also new is that you can buy travel extras like pre-booked seats, extra bags and meals on our fresh, new site when you’re booking a trip (and pay for them using cash — you’ll soon be able to pay using points too).

We know that our travelers love using their EuroBonus points to make their travel even better, and we’re always looking for more ways to reward them. This is why we’re also planning to increase the number of seats you can book using points. And we’ll soon launch a new and improved version of our EuroBonus program with even more benefits.

Eurobonus booking

Faster loading times and more information about upcoming trips   

12 MAY 2017

We know that time is important to our travelers, which is why we’re always working to make the time they spend with us matter. A key part of this is ensuring that our sites load quickly so people feel that their time is valued.  

This is why in this week’s release we’ve optimized the images on our site so they load faster. And since about 50 percent of the content on our sites is made up of images, the improvement is significant — the site loads about 35 percent faster now.

Another new addition is a widget (short for window gadget, a graphic element that provides information) on the start page to display your next trip.

This is a complement to the red notifications on My trips that indicate the number of upcoming trips you have. Clicking on the widget will take you directly to My trips where you can make your flight more comfortable by adding meals, pre-booking your seat or upgrading to a higher travel class. We hope this, too, will make it faster and easier to manage your travel.

This week’s release was smaller than usual due to the larger release next week of EuroBonus on a new platform – a system change that will occur as announced over the weekend. So do stay tuned – there’s more to come. 


27 APRIL 2017

A lot has been going on here at SAS in the last weeks as we continue to improve and stabilize our new platform.  

Much attention has been focused on moving towards offering full functionality on the new site – that is, eliminating the need to redirect travelers to our old site for services that may be missing on the new one. 

We understand that is a pain point for many people. This is why this week’s release in particular has centered on replacing redundant functions and making the site more efficient and mobile friendly. 

One such improvement is that you can now order a new EuroBonus card and attach a SAS Travel Pass to your profile instead of being redirected to a legacy site. 

Another enhancement is that the Explore page is working faster now that we’ve redesigned the code architecture, making it easier to discover exciting new places to visit.

In addition, we have carried out more than 100 bug fixes within customer profile, booking and manage booking related areas, stabilizing the platform further and enhancing the customer experience.

We’re also happy to say that we’ve also made more city pairs available and introduced new codeshare destinations, so there are now more options when booking a trip. 

Finally, you may have noticed that we’ve enhanced the look of our hotel and car teaser on the confirmation page. If you haven’t seen it, try it next time you’re booking a trip to get a great deal on a hotel or car rental.

All the latest on releases and updates

7 APRIL 2017

Each week, we release new functionality, updates and bug fixes. And this week we introduced a new version of the check-in page that offers a more seamless experience since you can now buy lounge access at the same time as you select your favorite seat.

This means that if you’re traveling on SAS, you can relax in one of our stylish SAS Lounges before your trip, even if you’re not traveling in SAS Plus or SAS Business. You can pay using a credit card or your EuroBonus points.

We also released an update that allows you to rebook your trip in the event of a cancellation, directly on our website. In most cases, you’ll be automatically rebooked on the next available flight. But if you prefer, you can manage your booking yourself and choose a trip that suits your schedule better.

We’ll continue to release new features every week, so do pop by this blog to stay updated.

Our upgrades get an upgrade 

30 MARCH 2017

At SAS, we’ve realized that collaboration and relevant partnerships are crucial elements for a successful digital transformation. It’s about bringing together the right expertise – both internal and external – around a shared long-term strategy. 

Since last year, we’ve been working actively on our upgrade product. This was based on travelers’ reports of a scattered experience, which led us to take a crucial first step towards improving the way our upgrades work. 

After consolidating internal processes, we started looking at the ways to actually get an upgrade. While continuing to work on core functionality, we decided to team up with a partner that could offer us the flexibility our travelers were asking for. 

In April 2016, together with Plusgrade, a company with relevant cutting-edge technology, we launched a new upgrade experience called SAS Upgrade. The new solution allows travelers to bid for even better seats and enables EuroBonus members to pay using points or cash. 

Since launching SAS Upgrade, we’ve introduced upgrades for fixed amounts on some routes and during certain periods. It’s now also possible to upgrade in the SAS App. And we’re constantly testing new offerings to make the experience even better.

In the past weeks, for example, we’ve made it possible for EuroBonus members to give an upgrade to someone else. We know our travelers see this as a precious gift – who doesn’t want to travel in more comfort? Again, this is all thanks to a fruitful partnership.

"Plusgrade has found a true partner in SAS. It’s inspiring to collaborate with a group that has a constant commitment to pushing innovation, bringing exciting new ideas to market and a clear focus on ‘what’s next’ – always keeping a customer-first approach,” says Ken Harris, CEO of Plusgrade. 

So, why not spoil someone you like with an upgrade?

upgrade to sas plus or sas business live in Norway

28 MARCH 2017

We are now live with our new website in Norway at, completing our Scandinavian launch. This means that our largest markets are now all on our new digital platform, making travel easier for our customers in Scandinavia.

As with all of our launches, we’re continuing act on customer feedback to make the digital experience even better.

People are enthusiastic in telling us what we’re doing well and where we can improve. This information is invaluable in our digital development and guides us in creating smart digital solutions that save time and make life easier for our travelers.

We also gain valuable information from our user experience testing and from analyzing user behavior on our sites that we can use to optimize design and functionality.

Naturally, gathering all of this feedback and data leads to concrete actions and fixes that we release on a weekly basis.

In the last week, we’ve made improvements related to booking, checking in, managing your profile, payment and content-related issues. And as we announced last week, now you can pre-book your preferred seat, pre-order meals and buy extra baggage more smoothly on our fresh, new site. 

Travel extras now on our new site

16 MARCH 2017

Booking trips just got a lot smoother – and better looking, too. This weekend, we released a new version of our site that allows you to buy ancillaries, or travel extras, like pre-booked seats, extra bags and meals on our fresh, new site. This means you won’t be redirected to our old site for new or existing bookings and making your trip more comfortable will be easier than ever.


We’ve also listened to our travelers who have specifically asked for a more detailed seat selector that includes emergency exits and aircraft type. Take a look – we hope you like the result.

/SAS Digital Team

Pages now loading faster

MARCH 2017

One of the true pain points during the first weeks of launching our new site has been page loading times. The booking engine itself was speedy, but opening up the start page for the first time simply took too long.  

This morning, we implemented a number of fundamental changes on the start page. The result: Our initial testing tells us that, on average, it now takes about 1.7 seconds to load. A significant improvement, we think!

/SAS Digital Team

Going live

MARCH 2017

In the past six months, we’ve collected feedback from our Beta site, conducted user testing and made data-driven changes accordingly. Right now, we are in a state where we can call the site to be a minimum viable product (“MVP”).

In agile software development an MVP has just enough core features to deploy it. In other words, it has very basic functionality. Releasing an MVP accelerates learning and maximizes time spent on relevant development with the right focus. It differs from the conventional strategy of investing time and money to implement whole product before verifying whether customers want the product or not.

This quite popular image below represents the agile way a limited yet functional product is evolving. Thank you Henrik Kniberg for allowing us to share this great illustration with our travelers.


We’ve already launched our new site in Denmark and Sweden. It still lacks some of the core functionality we offered on our old site. For example, you can’t book award flights using the new design. In these situations, we still need to direct travelers to the old site. Being one of Scandinavia’s largest e-commerce sites we also have a great deal of partner integrations and dependencies. Most of them are still directed to the old site but, as we build new experiences, we will take them onto the new site one-by-one.

So, at the same time as we launch sites, we are following our roadmap to implement the solutions travelers have been enjoying on our old sites. The pace of doing this will be decided together with the continuous user testing and feedback received. Using an agile approach, we know that what we bring into our development iterations actually reflects what has the highest relevancy for our travelers.

/SAS Digital Team

Better overview of booked trips

MARCH 2017

We’re really happy to report that we’ve completed another iteration and carried out several fixes on our sites. 

Thanks to feedback from our travelers, we learned that our logged-in EuroBonus members have had problems finding their booked trips. We’ve addressed this and now booked trips are visually highlighted using red badges in the journey bar at the top of the page. User testing has confirmed this as an improvement but we will keep improving to make sure everyone finds their booked trips in an easy way.

/SAS Digital Team


MARCH 2017

Right after we launched our new Swedish site at, we discovered that some of our members weren’t able to log in using their registered email address as username. When trying to log using this specific email, users got an error message describing other ways to log in. It became clear that in our development process, we had underestimated how this group of users prefers to log in.

This issue didn’t have the same impact during the Beta testing we carried out during the summer/fall or when we launched our new site in Denmark last November. And as a result of the amount of feedback we received, we made the decision to change this right away. Within 24 hours of the release, email login was a go.

Today, you can log in to your profile using your username, email address or EuroBonus number or Travel Pass number. 

/SAS Digital Team

Welcome onboard

MARCH 2017

And thanks for joining us at our new digital development blog. This is where we’ll be giving you information about how we’re working to develop our new digital platform. And we’re eager to share our experiences, challenges and milestones along the way.

Our new platform is the foundation and gateway for our digital future. It will enable us to build fresh proprietary solutions to make travel easier and more joyful. And it will also unlock true omnichannel experiences, allowing travelers to move seamlessly from one device to another. We understand that time matters to our travelers – this is the foundation of everything we do.

As we move towards launching the new platform, there’s a flurry of activity going on behind the scenes. Some of the challenges are, of course, general digitalization and transforming processes and systems. In this blog, however, we’ll focus on more customer-facing developments like the new SAS website.

Building a new platform from scratch is a huge undertaking for any company. It involves brave decision-making and extensive user testing. Communicating with users and constantly making improvements.

This is just the start. We’re not finished yet, but we’re well on our way. So stay tuned – exciting times are ahead.

/SAS Digital Team