Friends onboard


Want to sit with your travel companions, avoid the middle seat or enjoy the view outside? Book your seat now for an even better journey. You can even book the seat beside you for extra space and comfort. The choice is yours!

  • Get the seat you want
  • Sit next to friends & family
  • Enjoy extra legroom or a fantastic window view

How it works

Pre-select your seat when you book, or add a seat under My bookings. You’ll see all of the available seats and fees, which vary depending on the route, cabin class and location in the cabin. You can also select your seat free of charge from when check-in opens up to 2 hours before departure.

You can book an extra seat beside you once check-in opens right up to 2 hours before departure. Please note that if you book an extra seat, you’ll need to check in at the airport. You also can’t use an extra seat to store baggage. Extra seats booked once check-in opens are also subject to availability.

If you’d like more space, you can also book a guaranteed extra seat by contacting SAS Customer Service

Good to know

Good to know

Want more room and extra comfort onboard? On selected flights, you can book the seat next to you for a small fee.

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