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Fly to Copenhagen from Manchester

Copenhagen in Denmark is the bustling centre of Scandinavia and whether you prefer fine dining, raunchy nightlife or amazing art and fashion, you can find it all here. Walk in the footsteps of some of the most beloved fairy tales in the world by exploring where H.C. Andersen lived and wrote in his small flat in picturesque Nyhavn. Book today and get all the wonderful perks and bonuses when you are travelling with SAS.


Fly directly to Copenhagen

Outgoing flights from Manchester to Copenhagen are departing many times during the day, every day. SAS offers a pleasant, fast and cheap flight with offers a selection of perks included in your ticket.

Should you need to bring more than carry-on baggage, SAS Go will enable you to select a plane ticket with 1 x 23 kg of checked baggage included. 


Cheap flights going to Copenhagen

If you are looking to go to Copenhagen at greatly reduced prices you are in luck, as SAS offers a wide array of discounted flights all year around in the low fare calendar. The seats and prices in the low fare calendar are constantly being updated. The low fare calendar is made to make your travels as cheap and easy as possible, and who knows you might just land a holiday you will never forget. Check out our low fare calendar and feel wonderful in Copenhagen.


Experience flying with SAS and try SAS EuroBonus

When traveling with SAS you have the opportunity of joining the EuroBonus program. As a member you will earn points that can be spent on hotels, car rental and other travels. The more you travel the more points you earn. This program is for the quality conscious customer who wants their travels to be as seamless and carefree. The best part is that you will pay less and less the more you travel. Join EuroBonus today and start earning points!

You sometimes find yourself need of cancelling a trip or holiday, but when you travel with SAS that is no trouble at all. SAS offers a 24-hour money back guarantee so that you do not have to worry about being as spontaneous as you like. As long as you cancel within the first 24 hours after booking your plane tickets, you will get a full refund. This way you will not have to worry about booking an impromptu holiday or business trip.

Read about all the advantages of EuroBonus


Discounts on children’s tickets

Traveling with children does not have to be expensive; in fact SAS offers discounts for children that will make your holiday even brighter. Children below the age of two years get a 90 % discount on their plane ticket, if they share the seat with an adult. Children below the age of 12 get a 25 % discount and a separate seat for themselves.

All the money you would have otherwise spent on paying for pricey plane tickets is now a thing of the past, and you can enjoy on your children and your holiday to the fullest. SAS is looking forward to flying you and your children to magical and picturesque Copenhagen, where Tivoli is just one among numerous fun activities for children available.