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House of Scandinavia at SXSW 2020


SAS will not be participating in SXSW 2020 due to Coronavirus outbreak

Unfortunately our partners and we are forced to make the tough decision to cancel House of Scandinavia this year due to the ongoing situation with the Coronavirus that affected our own and our partners program.

We thank all SAS travelers and our partners who have looked forward to this event and worked hard to bring everything together.

We had great plans this year – but will just need to make sure we come back even stronger next year.

The program stated below is therefore unfortunately cancelled.

Best, the House of Scandinavia Team



The city of Austin has canceled SXSW Festival 2020 


CPH-AUS SK6951 March 11 11: 45-16.30

Dear passenger,  the city of Austin has canceled SXSW (South by Southwest) Festival 2020 and therefore SAS now offers a refund of your ticket.

For more information and to apply for your refund use this link:

If you booked via a Tour operator or a Travel agent, please contact them directly.  Regards, SAS


AUS-CPH SK6952 Mar 17, 20:45-12:45 (+1)

Dear passenger,  the city of Austin has canceled SXSW (South by Southwest) Festival 2020 and therefore SAS now offers a refund of your ticket.

For more information and to apply for your refund use this link:

If you booked via a Tour operator or a Travel agent, please contact them directly.   Regards, SAS

SXSW House of Scandinavia – The following program is cancelled

    • Daily schedule

      07:30: Morning activity

      08.00–10.00: Scandinavian breakfast

      Talks and panels with guest speakers and partners throughout the day.

      12.00–14.00: Aquavit cocktail bar

      12.00–14.00: Pop-up lunch restaurant, Boathouse Grill by Kadeau

      16.00–22.00: Outdoor bar open

      18.30–22.00: Pop-up restaurant, Boathouse Grill by Kadeau

      Concerts and performances in the evenings. House of Scandinavia is open for everyone.

      • cl--calendar

        13 March–17 March between 8.00–22.00


        Thursday 12 March

        13.00–15.00: Ease into SXSW

        18.00–22.00: Opening party

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        Waller Creek Boathouse – 74 Trinity St, Austin, TX 78701, United States


    • Enjoy a barbeque laid on by Michelin-starred restaurant Kadeau

      House of Scandinavia brings the best of new Nordic cuisine cooked in a sustainable fashion with some of the most exciting restaurant partners in Scandinavia. This year featuring Kadeau.


  • Aquavit brings a little extra to drinks at House of Scandinavia

    Serving some of the most unique Nordic beverages, House of Scandinavia is the best place to experience what is new & trendy on the Scandinavian bar & cocktail scene. For the third year Arcus is a main partner.

Talks and panels

  • South by South West is a place for meetings and exciting talks featuring people from throughout the world.

    SAS’ House of Scandinavia will be home to a number of exciting events and speakers. Here is a list of some of the highlights that you won’t want to miss.

    "The Future of Aviation"

    "Edvard Munch at House of Scandinavia"

    "Boathouse Grill by Kadeau"

    "Grow Your Own Cloud"

    "Collaboration and Venture for #Futuremobility"

    "Store Lens – Product Launch"

From the SXSW Official Program

  • The future of aviation 

    Aviation plays a vital role in society, connecting businesses, people and cultures in a time-efficient way. Traveling is also a mind-opening experience. These are all things we want future generations to be able to enjoy too.

    That is why the aviation industry has a responsibility to present a trustworthy roadmap for a sustainable future. SAS is the leading airline at the forefront toward more sustainable air travel and Airbus is the leading aircraft developer. Together they are in a joint research project to develop the next generation aviation.

    Innovation and new technology are needed to reach zero-emission aircraft. Airbus and SAS have the goal of creating knowledge and conditions to introduce fully electric or hybrid aircraft in large-scale commercial operations.

    Read more

    • cl--calendar

      Saturday 14 March at 12.30–13.30

    • cl--locator

      JW Marriott, salon FG

      110 E 2nd St.

  • Speakers

    Rickard Gustafson, President and CEO, SAS – Scandinavian Airlines

    Rickard Gustafson is a thought leader within sustainable aviation, where he has put the journey toward a more sustainable aviation on top of the agenda for SAS – Scandinavian Airlines. Through his belief that sustainability is an existential question for the aviation industry, along with the determined work he initiated within the company to reduce the climate-impacting emissions of flying with SAS, he has gained a lot of attention and interest from both within and outside the aviation industry.

    Glenn Llewellyn, General Manager, Electrification at Airbus

    Glenn Llewellyn is Vice President for Zero Emissions Technology at Airbus. He is responsible for all Airbus group wide research activities which allow disruptive reductions in CO2 emissions. This includes the research on different energy types as well as the projects and demonstrators required to achieve Airbus’ ambitions on the electrification of fixed wing and vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft.


  • Edvard Munch at House of Scandinavia 

    The platform aims to bring a unique blend of Scandinavian culture & art – sharing some of the most thought provoking, inspiring and interesting pieces. This year world famous artwork by Edvard Munch will be showcased.

    Titled Man and Woman, the artwork invites visitors to explore and reflect upon Edvard Munch’s universe, his ideas of the sexes and our existential relation to nature.

    We invite you to learn more about Edvard Munch and his works in one of our daily pop-up presentations. In just ten minutes, you will get a concise, yet rich introduction to Edvard Munch, one of the pioneers of modern art, and the artist behind the iconic motif The Scream.

    • cl--calendar

      13–17 March 2020 between 11.00–17.00

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      Read more

Design & Sustainability

  • Relax in sustainable furniture from Takt and Vestre

    The entire House of Scandinavia platform is built on two principles: being true to  Scandinavian design heritage whilst always having sustainability top of mind. This year travelers can relax in sustainable furniture from Takt and Vestre.


Join our group – The North goes SXSW

Join our Facebook group for the latest news and connect to the SXSW 2020 community.


  • Roskilde Festival books the right artists

    Music has always been a big part of Scandinavian culture, and House of Scandinavia is no different aiming to create unforgettable musical experiences, this year partner Roskilde Festival is helping to bring the noise!

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  • House of Scandinavia goes back to 1956

    The House of Scandinavia at SXSW may be a relatively new concept, but the seeds of a temporary meeting place to exchange ideas were actually sown a long way back in SAS’ history.

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