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Carbon Offset with SAS

Join SAS Carbon offset program & compensate for your Events' Airline carbon footprint

Scandinavian Airlines offers in close cooperation with the CarbonNeutral Company, as one of the first airlines
in the world, a Carbon offset program for International congresses and events as part of the SAS Convention

The program will enable you as an Organizer to include carbon offset for air travel in the aim for creating carbon
neutral events. At the event you can visualize and publicize the total carbon emission and offset paid for a
specific event. Let us estimate the costs based on estimated delegate breakdown. Contact us for more
information about the different solutions we offer.


SAS Carbon offset program

We offer the following solutions in paying airline carbon offset, you
decide if it should be a compulsory or voluntary option to pay carbon
offset in the SAS Carbon Offset program.
Choose between different solutions:

  • Integrate a possibility for your delegates in the registration
    process to pay a voluntary/mandatory carbon offset
  • Let a sponsor pay the airline carbon offset to your event,
    based on the expected geographical breakdown of your
  • Include a link to SAS Emission Calculator on your event
    webpage where your delegates can choose voluntarily
    to compute the offset used on the air travel to the event
    and pay carbon compensation with the SAS event code.

All of these solutions will clearly be connected to your event. You
will receive a certificate from The CarbonNeutral Company on the
compensation collected.  The compensation is invested in
renewable energy projects in the third world. Click here to
download more information about one of the  SAS projects.

Join our carbon offset program now and ad it in your Official Airline
agreement with SAS – click here to contact us.

Carbon Neutral Organization


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