Kids' seats & Onboard services

Children older than two need to have their own seat. Infants can sit on your lap, or in a car safety seat on the seat next to yours.

If you are flying to Asia or the US, you can also request a baby bassinet for you infant, by contacting Customer Service.

We always ensure before departure that children sit together with an adult included in the booking.

Detailed information

Lap children

  • When you fly with an infant, he or she must sit on your lap.

  • You can also book a separate seat for your infant. The seat has the same price as for a child age 2–11. You also need to bring your own child safety seat.

  • If you're traveling with two infants, you can have one on your lap and the other in a seat beside you.

Child safety seats

  • If you've booked a seat for an infant, you can bring a child safety seat onboard free of charge. Otherwise, a child safety seat is considered one piece of baggage and must be checked in as usual.

  • The child safety seat must be forward-facing and is secured in the seat next to you.

Baby bassinet

  • You can book a bassinet at no cost for flights with SAS to/from Asia and the US. If you use a baby bassinet, your child may weigh no more than 11 kg. The length of the basket is 72 cm. The number of bassinets is limited on each flight.

  • To request a baby bassinet or to make a seat reservation for your infant, please contact Customer Service.

Changing tables

There is at least one changing table (located in the toilet) on each SAS aircraft.


Children older than two must have their own seat, which means you'll need to book them onto your flight.

Each seat on SAS flights to/from Asia and the US has a video screen, and we offer a wide selection of films, music channels, fairy tales and video games. See our catalog for Inflight entertainment.

For kids

To keep our youngest passengers entertained during the flight we offer a wide selection of children’s movies, cartoons and computer games.

Featured Kids Movies