Get ready to travel during Covid-19

The safety of our travelers and staff is always our highest priority. In these days with travel restrictions it is also important to get yourself ready to travel. SAS has since the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak taken a number of measures to ensure your safety and well-being onboard.

Follow the general recommendations and stay home if you feel sick

We work closely with the authorities in all Scandinavian countries, as well as international authorities and regulators. We recommend that you always follow the general recommendations set by health authorities in your country.

  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Stay home if you feel sick
  • Follow the guidelines set by local health authorities
  • Keep social distancing

Before your trip

You can do a lot to prepare for your trip. Our digital self-service solutions saves time and help reduce contact at the airport.

Digital self-service solutions help you save time

Check entry restrictions

Please make sure to keep yourself updated since entry restrictions may change on short notice. As a traveler you are responsible for making sure you meet the necessary requirements to enter your destination, before leaving for the airport. For guidance, please consult with government bodies, such as the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Face Mask Requirements

You must bring your own face mask that covers nose and mouth when you travel to Canada as well as to and from China. SAS accepts single-use medical face masks. Homemade face masks or fabric masks / cloth face coverings are not accepted. Wearing a face mask is mandatory for the entire journey, from onboarding until you leave the aircraft. Face masks that are allowed on board include single-use masks of FFP2, KN95, N95 standards or surgical masks such as IIR or similar. Protection made out of cloth, visors or covers with ventilation valves are not permitted on board.

At the airport

We have implemented several measures at the airport to ensure a safe journey for you. But you can also do a lot yourself. You should always follow the instructions given by our staff – they are here for your safety.

Boarding procedure to better facilitate social distancing
  • New routines and an updated food and beverage offering in the lounges that are open to minimize interactions, and extended cleaning procedures have been implemented
  • We have updated our boarding procedure to better facilitate social distancing
  • Arrive well ahead of scheduled departure time

Social distancing at the airport

Do everything you can to keep social distancing at the airport. Keep distance in queues at check-in, security and at the gate.

On board your flight

The air on board your flight is kept clean using modern and highly efficient air filters<br>

The air on board your flight is kept clean using modern and highly efficient air filters, and we have adjusted our service concept to reduce contact.

The air onboard

Almost all our aircraft are equipped with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters that are capable of capturing up to 99.97% of microbes, like viruses and bacteria, ensuring a high air quality. The air on board is exchanged every 2-3 minutes. The air on board is pressed down from the ceiling to the floor. This makes it difficult for droplets to spread, as the air flow makes droplets immediately fall to the floor immediately. All our Airbus and Boeing aircraft are equipped with HEPA filters. Flights operated with ATR aircraft has another type of air filter on board, which ensures a continuous flow of fresh air to the cabin.