SAS EuroBonus Membership Conditions
- as per February 15, 2013

1. Membership and membership cards

1.1 Membership of EuroBonus is open to all natural persons. Only one membership account is permitted per person. Persons under the age of 18 years must have their legal guardian’s consent to join EuroBonus. Membership and the rights pertaining thereto are personal and for the sole benefit of the member, unless otherwise stated by SAS.

1.2 Membership cards are the property of the issuing card company (SAS or the payment card company).

1.3 The EuroBonus card is personal, i.e. only one person per membership number, and only the member whose name appears on the card is entitled to use it. The membership card shall be signed and is valid only if the member or legal guardian’s signature is written on the back of the card. The card may be used only until the expiration date stated on the card. Membership is registered in the member’s name at the address stated. “Address c/o” is not permitted and e-mail address must be personal. 

1.4 If the card is lost, stolen or destroyed, contact EuroBonus. If the card is a combined EuroBonus and payment card, the payment card company must be informed immediately. A replacement card will be issued with the same membership number and expiration date as the original card.

1.5 SAS’ EuroBonus department is to be notified in writing of changes and/or additions to the member’s personal details that are not possible to change online e.g. name. Upon change of name or registering of date of birth, documentation must be attached that confirms the information, e.g. copy of passport, birth certificate.
1.6 Ordinary booking rules apply to all EuroBonus members regardless of membership level. Service benefits associated with the membership level apply only to the member personally, unless otherwise stated by SAS.

1.7 SAS reserves the right to terminate the membership in cases SAS deems constitute misuse. This means that previously earned but unused points and issued EuroBonus tickets/vouchers become null and void. Misuse may e.g. consist of unsuitable or disrespectful behavior towards SAS or its partners, their employees or passengers, violation of section 2.8 or any other membership term or condition, illegal conduct, or actions that are generally regarded as immoral or unethical.

1.8 Enrolling in the EuroBonus program (online or otherwise), or signing the EuroBonus membership card confirms that the member/legal guardian accepts the EuroBonus membership conditions. Use of the card or Membership number/card constitutes acceptance of the then current EuroBonus membership conditions.  For combined EuroBonus and payment cards the rules set by the respective card company also apply.

The security code received is the personal responsibility of the member. Legal guardians are responsible for minor members’ security codes and how/when it is used. Personal statements regarding the account are available only to those who submit the correct security code.

1.10 Special rules applying only to Norwegian members under the age of 18 years: The membership must be confirmed no later than 3 months from the member’s 18th birthday. When such confirmation is received these membership conditions will apply to the member directly and no longer to the guardian. If confirmation is not timely received, the member’s account will be closed for earning and using of points as well as for membership communication until confirmation is received. Retroactive registration of points which could have been earned in the period when the membership was closed can take place only as described in section 2.5 for SAS operated flights. The member confirms the membership by subscribing to the SAS and/or the EuroBonus Newsletter and registering the personal e-mail address on At all times the member can unsubscribe the newsletters by contacting Membership Service in writing or by using the link provided in the Newsletter.

2. Earning points

2.1 Points can be earned on activities with SAS and SAS’ business partners as agreed by SAS and business partners. Points are registered only if the member's EuroBonus number is quoted at the time of purchase/booking /checking in.

2.2 SAS reserves the right to determine if member earns points or not for prices and activities offered by SAS or other parties. Irrespective of when the activity was booked, the number of points earned depends on the earning scheme applicable on the date of the activity. The number of points earned varies depending on partner and offer.

2.3 EuroBonus members earn points in accordance with the class originally booked and paid for, regardless of upgrades or downgrades unless otherwise stated. Discount tickets of the type e.g. Industry Discount, Agent Discount, award tickets, standby tickets and charter tickets as well as certain discounts do not entitle members to earn points. No points can be earned for tickets paid, wholly or partly, with points.

If you purchase a ticket on a flight that is marketed by SAS or Star Alliance but operated by another airline (i.e. code share flight) the operating airline determines how many points you earn for your flight. The booking class on the ticket may differ from the booking class that the operating airline uses to determine points earned.

SAS is not responsible for delays or flights cancelled due to reasons beyond SAS’ control, e.g. partner companies, partner’s bankruptcy, weather etc. Special rules apply to points earned through extraordinary circumstances provided the activity has been completed. 

2.4 Only the member personally can earn points regardless of who paid for the travel or activity. Infants (age 0-23 months) earn points only when holding own paid seat. For charter tickets and activities with other parties than SAS and SAS’ airline partners, other rules may apply if stated by SAS.

2.5 Travel and activities that took place more than six months ago cannot be retroactively registered. New members can register points retroactively for travel or activities that took place up to 30 days before the membership commenced. Retroactive registration can take place only when accompanied by valid documentation. Valid documentation is:

− Copy of flight ticket or travel itinerary if travelling by e-ticket. Ticket number, flight number, booking class, date to-from and ticketed name must be visible.
− Hotel or car rental invoice.

Documentation sent to SAS will, after the case has been closed, be stored for a maximum period of one month and will then be destroyed.

Members are only entitled to points for which they have performed a valid activity. SAS may at any time withdraw points for any activity wrongly registered on the member’s EuroBonus account.

2.6 Points are personal and can under no circumstances be sold, transferred, combined, inherited, refunded in cash or used for other purposes than within EuroBonus unless otherwise stated. In case of misuse, points, benefits and documents can be confiscated. Passengers can be refused access to the plane or hotel. If a trip has commenced, the passenger can be charged full price for the remainder of the trip. Exception: Members with registered home address in Denmark may request cash refund of own points according to the Danish Act on Payment Services and Electronic Money (Payment Act). Such cash refund requires written request to SAS EuroBonus Member service, Dept CPHST, P. Box 150, 2770 Kastrup, Denmark. SAS’ liability in case of loss or misuse of EuroBonus points belonging to members with registered home address in Denmark  is governed by §§61-62 in the Payment Act. 

2.7 Members can use their points and take advantage of offers as soon as they have sufficient valid points in their EuroBonus account. Points are valid for an additional four years after the qualification period during which they were earned. After this deadline, the points become null and void.

2.8 Members who belong to several different bonus programs can collect points and service benefits only with one program for each leg of a flight, hotel stay, car rental or other activity, unless otherwise stated. When the points are registered, they cannot be transferred to another program.

2.9 During a hotel stay, points can be earned only for one room by one person at one time.

2.10 Combined EuroBonus and payment card must be used for payment in order to earn points for purchase through the card.

2.11 The member does not earn points for tickets, and services bought, but not used, and/or for products that have been refunded. 

2.12 If a member does not earn any points for 24 months, SAS has the right to terminate the membership provided the member has no valid, usable points in his/her account.

3. Using points

3.1 Unless otherwise stated by SAS, points can be used only by the member personally or his/her closest family.

3.2 Members/legal guardians must ensure that the security code is not used illegally. SAS bears no responsibility for any consequences of illegal use of the security code. Members/legal guardians bear full responsibility for taking advantage of the points and benefits whether the member or another person is using them. Misuse is defined in section 1.7. Tickets and documents are sent only to the member’s registered address/email address.

3.3 The number of offers is limited and can be used provided availability.  Seats, rooms, cars etc. can be available for regular purchase even though not available for points/as special offer. Some services/products and/or service benefits do not apply to trips paid wholly or partly with points.

3.4 Points cannot be used in combination with cash, discount offers, coupons or other special offers, unless otherwise stated. In case of rebooking and/or cancellation, only valid points are transferred back to the member’s account (expired points cannot be reused) keeping their original expiry date.

3.5 Cancellations through EuroBonus Member Service must be made via telephone, not via email or fax if fewer than seven days remains before the offer is to be used. Only bookings made online can be cancelled online. Valid tickets/documents for cancelled offers must be returned to SAS to obtain a refund. When booking or making changes to offers, the member/legal guardian must take into account the opening hours of EuroBonus Member Service and/or allow time for the postal service to deliver the document. Documents that are stolen or lost before the trip or before the offer should be used, are replaced if possible. Charges and fees may apply.

3.6 Points can be used as payment for tickets/vouchers issued only by SAS and in some cases by SAS business partners. Points can be used to purchase a Regular ticket wholly or partly or to purchase a EuroBonus ticket. Different rules apply for Regular tickets and EuroBonus tickets as described in section 3.7 below. Travel agencies are not entitled to issue tickets or vouchers in exchange for points.

3.7 Unless otherwise stated:
For a Regular ticket, paid wholly or partly with points, the rules for the Regular ticket apply as described in the fare rules provided when booking the Regular ticket and not the rules for EuroBonus tickets as described below.
EuroBonus tickets and offers:
Before travel
- Can be cancelled up to one (1) working day before they should have been used.
- Rebooking is, provided the points are still valid, allowed up to one (1) working day before the offer in question must be used (expired points cannot be reused).
- Special rules regarding the minimum duration of a stopover may apply.
- Maximum ticket validity and advance booking is 330 days.
- If there is less than one (1) working day before a EuroBonus trip, or arrival at the hotel, the points are not transferred back to the member’s EuroBonus account in case of cancellation.
- If a member or other person using the member’s points falls ill before a EuroBonus trip, a doctor’s certificate is required for rebooking or for a new ticket/voucher to be issued. This applies provided the points are valid. Expired points cannot be reused. If changes or new documents are required, the local SAS ticket office or EuroBonus member services must be contacted- If the departure and return destination are not the same, the number of points is calculated on the destination in the point table that requires most points.
During travel
- Points cannot be transferred back after an activity has commenced, and a return trip cannot be rebooked or refunded.
- In the case of the death of a close relative, SAS will, if possible, rebook the return trip of the EuroBonus ticket. SAS reserves the right to choose the airline and itinerary for the return journey.

3.8 In some countries special rules apply for the taxation of benefits within the framework of bonus programs. These rules are defined by the legislators and apply to bonus programs in general in all airlines, hotel chains, etc. Questions on this issue should be addressed to the national tax authorities. SAS accepts no responsibility for the individual member's tax obligations in connection with these rules.  Members intending to earn points for activities paid for by their employer must, in some countries, notify their employer of this in advance. Points earned through business travel cannot be used for private purpose without the employer´s permission. Please note that according to Swedish and Norwegian law, state employees may not make private use of points for flight travel, hotel stays, car rental or other activities that are paid for by their employer. In principle, the same rules apply to Swedish and Norwegian public-sector employees.

4. Personal information

4.1 Signing EuroBonus enrolment, enrolling online, using  and/or signing the EuroBonus membership card represents the member’s/legal guardian’s consent that SAS registers and processes personal information on members and members’ activities and that SAS collects and pools such information from SAS business partners, within the framework of membership of EuroBonus, relevant laws and membership conditions. The personal information registered is used to administer the membership and the EuroBonus points earned, manage and carry out bookings, evaluate and improve SAS’ business, and compile offers and activities with SAS business partners. For this purpose, information is registered concerning bonus related purchases made by the member during a qualification period. In order to administer EuroBonus points, details of what is purchased with the points are also registered (e.g. flights or hotel stays) as well as the value of the points of such goods or services. SAS uses available services for updating members’ personal information, e.g. deceased members (enabling cancellation/block of account) and addresses. SAS business partners include, among others, companies on whose products and services members can earn and/or use points.

4.2 Information on bonus related purchases and on purchases made with earned points is stored by SAS for one year after the points from the qualification period in question expire. Other information such as name, address, telephone number, etc. is stored by SAS for one year after the last of the member’s earned points expire or the membership is terminated.

4.3 Membership details can be passed to SAS business partners in order to coordinate special offers and activities. Information on purchases and other activities can be analysed and used for general or customer oriented marketing of SAS’ or SAS business partners’ products and services by SAS or SAS business partners. For such purposes, personal information can be transferred to countries that do not belong to the European Union or the European Economic Area.

4.4 SAS and SAS business partners may use email, text messages (SMS) or phone to communicate with members. SAS and SAS business partners may send promotional e-mails and SMS to members concerning their products and services. The member can at any time decline digital communication by contacting EuroBonus Membership Service. Email addresses for members less than 18 years of age will be used by SAS only to confirm the services/offers used. Any other direct communication with members less than 18 years of age will take place only by post and will be addressed directly to the legal guardian.

4.5 Scandinavian Airlines System Denmark-Norway-Sweden is the legal person responsible for personal information for EuroBonus in accordance with legislation on personal information. Members are entitled to receive information on their personal information stored by SAS. This is made personally in writing to the local EuroBonus Membership Service or via a legal guardian’s signed request accompanied by the security code. The member/the legal guardian is also entitled to request that EuroBonus corrects or deletes information that is incorrect or incomplete. The member/legal guardian can also decline to receive direct mails by contacting Membership Service in writing.

5. General

5.1 Except as provided for in any applicable mandatory law, SAS has no responsibility and shall not be liable for any cost or other damage incurred by the member except as expressly stated in these membership terms and conditions. Further, SAS is not responsible for any cost or damage incurred by other than the member. All services and benefits within the EuroBonus program and/or paid with points are subject to applicable terms and conditions applicable for such services and benefits.

5.2 SAS is responsible only for the part that involves the SAS flight itself in accordance with SAS conditions of carriage and service terms. All arrangements, benefits and services in addition to the SAS flight are beyond the responsibility of SAS.

5.3 Applicable fees, taxes and charges e.g. service fee airport taxes etc. are paid by the member/legal guardian upon reservation and is charged separately. If the member/legal guardian fails to pay or questions the requirement to pay such taxes/charges or other compensation that accrue to SAS, points cannot be used for the flight/activity in question until payment has been made.

5.4 Occasionally, EuroBonus members receive special offers. These can be of limited duration or number, for certain markets and for specific groups of members. Registration can also be necessary to be able to take advantage of these offers.

5.5 Legal guardians of members less than 18 years of age are responsible for ensuring that the minor follows the applicable membership conditions. Legal guardians are also responsible for minors’ use of trips, offers and benefits.

5.6 Program content, membership conditions, service benefits, rules regarding points and totals as well as other information displayed on the EuroBonus web site apply until further notice. SAS communicates changes to applicable rules as soon as possible, including rules on earning and using points and also the consequences for points already earned. Information will take place through at least one EuroBonus communication channel, mainly via the EuroBonus web site. Members/legal guardians must keep themselves informed of applicable rules. SAS will provide information on changes at the member’s request.

5.7 The member/guardian can at anytime request, in writing, the termination of the membership.

5.8 SAS is entitled to terminate or replace the EuroBonus program with one month’s notice. If the EuroBonus program is terminated due to legislation, court orders, orders from public authorities or the like, the EuroBonus program can be terminated immediately without notice and earned points will expire immediately without compensation of any kind.

5.9 If a SAS partner declares bankruptcy, or is otherwise unable to fulfil its undertakings towards SAS and EuroBonus members, retroactive claims cannot be made and SAS will determine how and if points for booked but unused bonus trips are transferred back.

6. Disputes and applicable legislation

6.1 To the extent permissible by local law or regulation these membership conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Swedish law. SAS and the member submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the general court in Stockholm to resolve any dispute that may arise out of them.

6.2 Any provision of these terms and conditions declared void or unenforceable by any competent authority or court shall, to the extent of such invalidity or unenforceability, be deemed severable and shall not affect the other provisions remaining which shall continue unaffected.

6.3 These membership conditions replace all previous versions.

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