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We are pleased to see that you are interested to book a flight ticket. SAS offers the following optional services and fees. See below for more details.



  • You can change the time and date of your trip (but not the route) on most trips booked on our website starting
    from USD 71 per person and flight within Europe. If the new fare costs more than the original fare, you’ll also need to pay the difference between the fares.
  • Changing the name on your ticket costs 80 USD per ticket.


Changes baggage rules

We revised some of our checked baggage policies, please review all relevant baggage pages before you travel.

Effective 17 June 2019 changes to checked bag fees

Bag fees has changed for flights to/from the US. 110/120 USD for tickets issued on or before 17 June 2019, 89/109 USD for tickets issued on or after 17 June 2019.

Effective 17 February 2019 changes to checked bag fees

Bag fees has changed for flights to/from the US. 55 USD for tickets issued on or before 17 February 2019, 60 USD for tickets issued on or after 18 February 2019.

Effective 7 May 2018 change in member benefit regarding free baggage

SAS will no longer offer free baggage benefits in SAS Go Light to EuroBonus Silver, Gold and Diamond or Star Alliance Gold members on trips from 7 May 2018.

Effective 1 May 2018 change regarding Special baggage

Any carriage of ski and snowboard equipment, bikes, and golf equipment must be requested and approved in advance.

  • You can always bring one carry-on bag in the cabin free of charge.
  • You can also bring one small personal item on board. This could be a little handbag or a slim laptop case that fits comfortably under the seat in front of you.
  • Your ticket type will determine how heavy your carry-on can be

Your ticket type determines if checked baggage is included, or whether you'll need to pay a little extra.

Checked baggage

  • SAS Business 2 x 32 kg/70 lbs complementary
  • SAS Plus 2 x 23 kg/51 lbs complementary
  • SAS Go 1 x 23 kg/51 lbs complementary
  • SAS Go light fee, same as Additional bag/item extra baggage

Special baggage

  • The same fee applies for special baggage as for regular excess baggage.

Extra baggage

Travel with SAS Partner airlines

For codeshare flights operated by SAS partner airlines, the operating carrier’s optional services and fees apply. Learn more about optional services and fees on SAS partner airlines by clicking on the links provided below. Please note that when SAS is the marketing carrier on a codeshare flight, SAS baggage allowances and fees apply.


  • Fees for our Unaccompanied Minor service are as follows:
    • From Scandinavia/Finland to Europe and on intercontinental flights: USD 70 per child and flight.
    • For trips from another country to Scandinavia and on our partner airlines, other fees may apply.
  • We offer our Unaccompanied Minor service on flights to/from SAS destinations in Asia and the US. If the child will be continuing the trip on another airline, however, this special assistance is not available.

Preferred seating 

  • Scandinavia: 10 USD (Note: VAT applies for domestic flights NO and SE)
  • Europe: 20 USD
  • US & Asia
    • Extra legroom 59 USD
    • Preferred seat (front part of SAS Go cabin) 40 USD
    • Window/aisle 29 USD
    • Middel seat 12 USD


  • Pet in cabin (each way) 130 USD
  • Pet in cargo hold (each way) 140 USD


  • Intercontinental flights 368 USD
  • Within Scandinavia/Europe: 165 USD