Buy extra baggage

Sometimes you need to pack more than you have room for within your checked bag allowance. For those occasions SAS give you the option to buy extra baggage.

The easiest and cheapest way to purchase Extra baggage to your booking, is online or via our mobile app when you book your flight. You can also add Extra baggage after you’ve booked in My Bookings, or during online check-in.

Extra baggage fees

You can choose to pay the additional fee online and get a discount on the airport price, or you can pay a slightly higher fee directly at the airport.

  • The additional baggage fee is displayed when you purchase your ticket. You pay per checked bag and per bound.

  • Fees are in euros or the equivalent local currency and the pricing for the 23 kg Checked Bag costs between EUR 20 to EUR 105.

  • Fees for extra baggage vary according to route and/or destination and if you purchase in advance or at the airport.

  • You get the best price if you buy your extra baggage at least 14 days before departure.

Checked bag

Online – up until 22 h before departure

  • DKK 170 to DKK 599

  • NOK 195 to NOK 799

  • SEK 195 to SEK 799

  • EUR 20 to EUR 80

  • USD 25 to USD 85

At the airport – starting 22 h before departure

  • DKK 450 to DKK 750

  • NOK 540 to NOK 990

  • SEK 540 to SEK 990

  • EUR 55 to EUR 100

  • USD 65 to USD 105

Carry-on bag

Online – up until 4 h before departure

  • DKK 65 to DKK 95

  • NOK 80 to NOK 120

  • SEK 80 to SEK 120

  • EUR 8 to EUR 12

  • USD 9 to USD 14

Online and at the airport – less than 4 h before departure

  • DKK 200 to DKK 230

  • NOK 250 to NOK 290

  • SEK 250 to SEK 290

  • EUR 25 to EUR 29

  • USD 29 to USD 34

Flights to/from Asia and the US or Canada

When your itinerary includes a trip to/from the United States or Canada, the baggage policy of the first airline you travel with is applicable. Visit the respective airline's website for further details.

AC (Air Canada), UA (United Airlines) or AA (American Airlines)
Find more details in our terms and conditions