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Upgrade is subject to space available by one class and no later than 24 hours before departure.
Important is that you have a ticketnumber. Please check the fare you have booked your original reservation.

How many points do I need?

SAS Plus to SAS Business

• Scandinavian Airlines (Y, S, B)

Economy to Business

• Air China (G, Y, B)
• Air Canada (Y, B, O)
 (excl. Air Canada rouge)
• Air India (Y, B)
• Air New Zealand (B, E, O, U, Y)
• Adria Airways (Y, B)
• Aegean Airlines (Y, B)
• All Nippon Airways (Y, B, E, G)
• Austrian (G, E, N, Y, B)
• Asiana Airlines (Y, B)
• Avianca, Avianca Brazil, TACA Airlines (Y, B)
• Brussels Airlines (Y, B)
• Copa Airlines (Y, B, M, H)
• EgyptAir (Y, B)
• EVA Air (Y, B, K)
• Ethiopian Airlines (Y, G, S, B)
• Lufthansa (Y, B)
• LOT Polish Airlines (Y, B)
Economy to Business

• Singapore Airlines (Y, B, S*, T*, P*, L)
• Shenzhen Airlines (G, Y, B, M, U)
• South African Airways (Y, B)
• SWISS (Y, B, U, M)
• TAP Portugal (Y, B)
• Thai Airways Intl. (Y, B)
• Turkish Airlines (Y, B)
• United (Y, B, O, A)
Note! Flights within the US, 
from Economy to First, two-class cabin. 

Business to First Class

• Air China (J, C, D)
• Air India (C, D)
• All Nippon Airways (C, Z, J, D)
• Asiana Airlines (C, D)
• EgyptAir (C, D)
• Lufthansa (C, D, J)
• Thai Airways Intl. (C, D)
• Singapore Airlines (Z, C, J, U)
• SWISS (C, D, J)

* Aircraft with Premium Economy Cabin.

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