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Agent redemption signup

Application for ticketing office(s) for automation of the Credits redemption process. NB! To avoid duplicate applications, the ticketing office(s) shall be ordered from headquarters per travel chain and country.

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Terms and conditions

  • The Agent is responsible for using the correct CMP code and having the necessary authority when redeeming Credits and is also responsible for managing the correct amount of Credits in relation to the correct Corporate Customer.

  • The Agent is responsible towards the Corporate Customer and SAS for any errors in connection with Credits Redemption. 

  • SAS has the right to terminate any Agent from this service, with immediate effect, in case of misuse or abuse of the service such as, but not limited to, using the wrong CMP codes when redeeming Credits.

  • When buying SAS Credits through an EMD, the same conditions applies as when the Agent is selling a ticket, with or without an EMD. The Agent bears the risk even when using SAS merchant ID.

  • The Agent is liable to SAS and/or the Corporate Customer for any frauds in relation to Credits Redemption.