It's about time

We have now launched a new and improved corporate program – SAS For Business. At SAS, we value time and know how important it is to SAS travelers. Therefore, we have simplified the program to reduce the amount of time spent on travel administration. As an SAS For Business member, your discounts will now be activated directly when you book your ticket.

our new sas for business program

get your discounts directly when you book

In our new SAS For Business program, you will be offered discounts that will be immediate when you make a reservation as a member of SAS For Business.

The discount varies according to your company’s annual spend and also on whether you travel in SAS Go, SAS Plus or SAS Business.

  • Member customers will get a 2 % discount in SAS Business and SAS Plus and 1 % discount in Go
  • Select customers will get a 6 % discount in SAS Business and SAS Plus, and 2 % discount in SAS Go
  • We will offer discounted fares with our partners Singapore Airlines and Widerøe
  • Additional partners will be included soon in SAS For Business

Earn EuroBonus Points

In addition to the company receiving discounts, the traveler will be able to claim their own personal EuroBonus or participating mileage program points. If you are not a member of EuroBonus, you may sign up here

Legal notice

SAS Credits is being replaced by the new company offering SAS For Business in 2018. During the year, SAS Credits will be phased out, which means that the final day for accrual is 30th of June 2018. Withdrawal of earned SAS Credits is possible until the 31st of December 2018.

  • SAS Credits is being replaced by the new company offering SAS For Business in 2018. During the year, SAS Credits will be phased out
  • Accrual has stopped on the 30th of June 2018 for SAS and all partners
  • Last day to redeem SAS Credits is the 31st of December 2018 (note that the journey can commence later and Rezidor voucher can be used later)
  • Last day to retro register SAS Credits the 31st of August 2018
  • Bookings made before the 1st of June 2018 where travel commences after the 30th of June 2018 will be eligible for SAS Credits
  • For travel paid with SAS Credits and departing after the 1st of January 2019, no refund applies

Join SAS for Business

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Our partners

Singapore Airlines and Wideroe are currently participating partners in SAS For Business, but stay tuned, there are more partners to come!

Singapore Airlines, partner in SAS for Business

Smarter business trips for all

Save money on your company's business travel. No matter how many people are traveling or how much you travel, there's everything to gain and nothing to lose by joining SAS for Business. And if you're already a member, check out the many ways you can make your travel easier and save money.



Why join SAS for Business?

  • Get discounts on flights
  • Earn EuroBonus points at the same time
  • No fees, no obligations


Log in at SAS Corporate Booking and book for several people with the company code (CMP code) and discount already filled in. You can also view the company's entire travel history.

If several of you are traveling and wish to be able to book, administer your bookings and view statistics all at the same place. You should connect to SAS Corporate Booking. This is a self–service feature for everyone in the company. Corporate Booking is part of SAS for Business and costs nothing but makes life much easier.  

  • Book flights 24 hours a day at the right price.
  • Book hotels and rental cars.
  • Your company will not miss out on valuable Credits since the company code (CMP code) is filled in.
  • You can view all booked, canceled and completed trips.
  • You can create a detailed profile showing who booked the trip and other information.

Collect SAS Credits on your business travel

With SAS for Business, your company can begin earning SAS Credits when you travel on business. Each trip earns Credits to use when you book new flights and hotels.

SAS Credits will be replaced by the new company offering SAS for Business in 2018. During the year, SAS Credits is phased out, which means that the final day for accrual is 30th June, 2018. Withdrawal of earned credits is possible until 31st December, 2018.

* For travel booked before the 30th June that refers to departure thereafter, further Credits will be obtained for these trips.
** For travel paid with Credits and departing after 1st January 2019, no refund applies.

More about SAS Credits
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Book and earn Credits

Add your company code (CMP code) when booking and your company will earn guaranteed Credits for the trip.

View the company's Credits

Check out your company's Credits history here, the Credits balance and late-register Credits.

Discounts on flights with SAS Travel Pass 

Simplify your travel using SAS Travel Pass Corporate: book now and pay when you have flown – always at a 6% discount on your ticket price. All your company needs to do is say yes.

More about SAS Travel Pass Corporate
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Travel Pass punch card
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Use your Travel Pass login to reach your Travel Pass pages and find out how much you have traveled.


Use your Travel Pass login code to book at a discount.

SAS Invoice

If you have an invoicing agreement with SAS, book your trip here. To do so, please log in.

With a SAS invoice, you collect information on the company's trips and simplify processing. You decide how often the company receives an invoice – and who makes the payment. 

  • Only valid for payment in Scandinavia
  • Collect all your SAS purchases at, with the SAS App or by phone.
  • Choose an invoicing period – one invoice per week, one invoice per month or two invoices per month.
  • The invoice can be sent to the entire company or to a selected payment site.
  • Each invoice provides an excellent summary of the company's travel.

Want to know more about SAS EuroBonus? Read more here