Musical instruments

You can bring musical instruments on SAS flights as carry-on or checked baggage if it fits within your baggage allowance. You can also book and pay for an additional seat in the cabin for your instrument.

Size and weight limits


  • Maximum size: 55 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm (length x width x depth).

  • Maximum weight: 8 kg

Checked baggage

  • Maximum size: 158 cm (length + width + height).

  • Maximum weight: 32 kg.

Baggage policy musical instruments

  • Smaller musical instruments can be brought as your carry-on baggage, as long as they fit within our carry-on baggage allowance. The instrument case is considered as your carry-on baggage and you cannot bring any additional carry-on baggage.

  • Musical instruments brought as carry-on must be packed securely in hard case bags or boxes. Soft or fabric type cases are not allowed. Use a case specifically designed for carrying musical instruments.

We cannot guarantee transport of musical instruments as carry-on baggage. Our crew decides weather the instrument can be safely stowed onboard. It depends on aircraft type and how full the flight is. In case your musical instrument needs to be checked in, it will be returned to you at baggage claim at your destination.

If you want to take your instrument in the cabin but it exceeds the size limit, then you have the option to book and pay for an extra seat.

Please contact SAS Customer Service to book your flight and reserve a seat for your musical instrument. The price for booking an additional seat varies and depends on your fare and travel class.

You can transport musical instruments this way as long as:

  • The dimensions do not exceed 150 x 50 x 35 cm. On some aircraft types the maximum dimensions may be smaller.

  • The weight does not exceed 75 kg.

  • It is carried in a hard case bag or box with handle(s), through which the seat belt can pass to safely secure the instrument against the seat (extensions belts are available onboard).

  • You can choose to check your instrument if it fits within your checked baggage allowance.

  • Heavy baggage charges may apply if exceeding your baggage allowance.

  • If transporting musical instruments as checked baggage, ensure you pack your instruments securely in hard case bags or boxes.